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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2001

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11  download 59144 Proefschrift: Essays on financial intermediation in developing countries
L.A.H. Laeven (2001)
12  download 60783 Proefschrift: Studies in the Economics of training
E. Leuven (2001)
13  download 58583 Proefschrift: Corporate Financial Risk Management
J.E. Ligterink (2001)
14  download 85238 Proefschrift: Mechanical Reasoning: Jevons and the Making of Modern Economics (cum laude)
H.B.J.B. Maas (2001)
15  download 446006 Proefschrift: The greening of business. Environmental management and performance evaluation: an empirical study of the Dutch dairy industry
A.M. Mauser (2001)
16  download 58922 Proefschrift: Earnings Management: Empirical Evidence on value relevance and Income smoothing.
B. van Praag (2001)
17  download 59129 Proefschrift: Essays on Economic Growth and Imperfect Markets
P.J.G. Tang (2001)
18  download 57768 Proefschrift: An experimental approach to expectation formation in dynamic economic systems
H. van de Velden (2001)
19  download 60858 Proefschrift: Supplements to the economics of household behavior
S. van Velzen (2001), p. xiv, 216
20  download 59159 Proefschrift: Essays on globalization: a journey to a possibly new stage of capitalism
R.C.P.M. Went (2001), p. 222