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AMC-UvA - 2004

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111  download 197508 Proefschrift: Alternative splicing of thyroid hormone receptor alpha transcripts during health and disease
D.C. Timmer (2004), p. 160
112  download 120453 Proefschrift: De invloed van etniciteit, waarden en normen en behandelvisie op de klinische behandeling van verslaafden
B.R. Tjaden (2004), p. 114
113  download 76339 Proefschrift: T cell dynamics and HIV specific CLT responses in Ethiopians
A. Tsegaye (2004), p. 120
114  download 71721 Proefschrift: A mass spectrometric approach to investigate cardiolipin metabolism in Barth syndrome
F. Valianpour (2004), p. 143
115  download 73372 Proefschrift: Diagnostic guidelines for chronic ankle pain. From loose bodies to joint venture
R.A.W. Verhagen (2004), p. 131
116   Proefschrift: Epidemiology of tuberculosis among immigrants in the netherlands and in a high incidence area in South Africa
S. Verver (2004)
117  download 73131 Proefschrift: Cytoreduction and hyoerthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy in peritoneal carcinomastosis of colorectal origin
V.J. Verwaal (2004), p. 136
118  download 101727 Proefschrift: Management of antithrombotic therapy in venous and arterial thromboembolism
R. Vink (2004), p. 165
119  download 74274 Proefschrift: Immune response to herpesvirus infections in immunocomprised children
M.T.M. Vossen (2004), p. 147
120  download 197674 Proefschrift: Hepatitis C infection: the quest for new treatment strategies
C.J. Weegink (2004), p. 138