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AMC-UvA - 2001

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91  download 58434 Proefschrift: Colonization and invasion of human epithelia by Neisseria meningitidis. Bacterial surface variation and exploitation of host defense molecules
F.P. de Vries (2001), p. 160
92   Proefschrift: Alterations in blood activation and hemodynamics after modification of the extracorpereal circulation
R. de Vroege (2001), p. 143
93  download 59976 Proefschrift: Individual variation in biotransformation: relation to styrene kinetics and solvent-induced neur
M.A.M. Wenker (2001), p. 175
94  download 446031 Proefschrift: New insight in vitiligo: immunopathology
R.M.J.G.J. van den Wijngaard (2001), p. 171
95  download 445494 Proefschrift: Oxidative stress in the marine environment-prognostic tools for toxic injury in fish liver cells
K. Winzer (2001), p. 166
96  download 195542 Proefschrift: Laser mediated cartilage reshaping
B.J.F. Wong (2001)
97  download 446125 Proefschrift: The border-crossing behavior of eosinophils and neutrophils in the lung
A.E.M. Zuurbier (2001), p. 127