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AMC-UvA - 1999

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41  download 472436 Proefschrift: Genetic dissection of G protein-coupled signal reduction
H.C. Korswagen (1999), p. 81
42  download 472466 Proefschrift: Thrombocidins, microbicidal proteins of human blood platelets
J. Krijgsveld (1999)
43   Proefschrift: Gelatin-chondroitin sulphate hydrogels for controlled release of antibacterial proteins: a new approach towards preventions of prosthetic valve endocarditis
A.J. Kuijpers (1999)
44  download 472524 Proefschrift: Clinical and magnetic resonance observations in cerebral small-vessel disease
V.I.H. Kwa (1999), p. 151
45  download 472544 Proefschrift: Artificial skin and tissue regeneration
E.N. Lamme (1999), p. 192
46  download 472680 Proefschrift: Release of inflammatory mediators by human basophils
W.J. Lie (1999), p. 145
47  download 472714 Proefschrift: Helicobacter pylori infection: several studies on epidemiology, eradication and gastric epithelial cell turnover
W. Liu (1999)
48  download 472759 Proefschrift: Early neurological delopment, growth and nutrition in very preterm infants
Y.G.H. Maas (1999), p. 176
49  download 472810 Proefschrift: HLA-B27 associated rheumatologic diseases in Indonesia
A. Mardjuadi (1999), p. 51
50  download 472882 Proefschrift: Laser-assisted nerve repair. An experimental study
T. Menovsky (1999), p. 133