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AMC-UvA - 1999

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21  download 487511 Proefschrift: Flexafix: The development of a new dynamic external fixation device for the treatment of distal radial fractures
J.C. Goslings (1999), p. 176
22  download 471388 Proefschrift: On first trimester Down syndrome screening
I.M. de Graaf (1999), p. 142
23  download 471470 Proefschrift: Spinal cord ischemia in thoracoabdominal aneurysm surgery: monitoring and conditioning the spinal cord
P. de Haan (1999), p. 187
24  download 471498 Proefschrift: Muscle contraction on the molecular level. Actin-myosin interaction studied in an in vitro motility assay
W. Hamelink (1999), p. 127
25  download 471513 Proefschrift: Serum neopterin as an immunological marker of disease activity in inflammatory diseases
F.F.V. Hamerlinck (1999), p. 107
26  download 471600 Proefschrift: Neointima formation in rat carotid arteries. Pharmacological and morphological investigations
F.J. Heijenbrok (1999), p. 146
27  download 487492 Proefschrift: De gewoonte doorbroken: Veranderen van medisch handelen
A.B. Hemkes (1999), p. viii, 125
28  download 471650 Proefschrift: The incubation period of AIDS. Staged disease progression and prevalent cohort studies
J.C.M. Hendriks (1999), p. 145
29  download 471742 Proefschrift: Cytokine production by human retinal pigment epithelial cells
G.M. Holtkamp (1999), p. 135
30  download 471801 Proefschrift: Epidemiological studies on morbidity and preventive strategies during a peace support operation in Cambodia
A.P.C.C. Hopperus Buma (1999)