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AMC-UvA - 1999

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11  download 470554 Proefschrift: Contact lens wear and its complications
K.H. Cheng (1999), p. 93
12  download 470644 Proefschrift: Chronic hepatitis C: new diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies
M. Damen (1999), p. 191
13  download 470701 Proefschrift: Concentration-effect relations of anti-asthma medications. Studies on inflammation markers
M.G.M. Derks (1999), p. 199
14   Proefschrift: Viral vectors as tools for neurotrophin gene delivery to the injured nervous system
P.A. Dijkhuizen (1999)
15  download 470814 Proefschrift: On the pathophysiology of severe falciparum malaria with special reference to red cell deformability
A.M. Dondorp (1999), p. 117
16  download 472609 Proefschrift: Cell adhesion receptors in lymphoma dissemination
P. Drillenburg (ook Lelijveld) (1999), p. 109
17  download 471027 Proefschrift: Transplantation of the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus. Functional studies and ex vivo adenoviral vector-mediated gene transfer
K.E. van Esseveldt (1999), p. 218
18  download 471105 Proefschrift: Diagnostic aspects of human alphaherpesvirus infections in dermato-venerology
E. Folkers (1999), p. 200
19  download 471117 Proefschrift: Tangible effects of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1 infected patients
N.A. Foudraine (1999), p. 152
20  download 471263 Proefschrift: Assessment of disease activity in Graves'ophthalmopathy
M.N. Gerding (1999), p. 211