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AMC-UvA - 1998

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71   Proefschrift: Biosynthese and assembly of cytochrome c oxidase in human cells; implications for mitochondrial disease
L.G.J. Nijtmans (1998)
72   Proefschrift: Airway inflammation in asthma. Studies on allergen challenge and corticosteroid treatment
R.E.T. Nocker (1998)
73   Proefschrift: Maturation of embryonic hepatitis. An experimental study
R.G.E. Notenboom (1998)
74   Proefschrift: Residual renal function in dialysis patients. Pathophysiological aspects and effects of high-dose furosemide
R.W. van Olden (1998)
75   Proefschrift: Visceral leismhaniasis: the PCR and directly agglutination test for diagnosis and management
O.F. Osman (1998)
76   Proefschrift: Reverse transcription of the HIV-1 genome
B.B. Oude Essink (1998)
77   Proefschrift: First trimester ultrasound screening for chromosomal anomalies
E. Pajkrt (1998)
78   Proefschrift: T-cell dynamics in HIV-1 infection. The effect of therapy
N.G. Pakker (1998), p. 124
79   Proefschrift: Cloning and characterization of the canalicular multispecific organic anion transporter: the genetic basis of conjugated hyperbilirubinemia
C.C. Paulusma (1998), p. 144
80   Proefschrift: Genetic and environmental determinants of dyslipidemia and coronary artery disease
S.N. Pimstone (1998), p. 221