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AMC-UvA - 1997

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71   Proefschrift: Detection and screening for glaucoma. Objective methods for assessment of nerve fiber damage
A.G.J.E. Niessen (1997)
72   Proefschrift: Pathophysiology of biliary lipid secretion: experimental studies in the mdr2 knockout mouse and clinical implications
C.M.J. v Nieuwkerk (1997)
73   Proefschrift: Family factors and interventions in recent onset schizophrenia
M.A. Nugter (1997)
74   Proefschrift: Clinical and pharmacological aspects of conscious sedation
V.L.B. Oei-Lim (1997), p. 146
75   Proefschrift: Modulation of inflammatory responses during human endotoxemia
D. Pajkrt (1997), p. 161
76   Proefschrift: Preeclampsia: relation with vasopressin and activation of thrombocytes
J.A.M. van der Post (1997)
77   Proefschrift: Arrhytmogenesis during the development of heart failure in rabbits
J.M.E. Rademaker (1997), p. 127
78   Proefschrift: Factor XII-mediated plasminogen activation
D. Ravon (1997)
79   Proefschrift: Chitotriosidase: studies on the human chitinase
G.H. Renkema (1997), p. 192
80   Proefschrift: Gap junctions in the vascular wall
H.V.M. van Rijen (1997), p. 144