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AMC-UvA - 1997

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61   Proefschrift: Spatio-temporal regulation of the expression of the glutamine synthetase gene. A study in transgene mice
H. Lie-Venema (1997), p. 207
62   Proefschrift: Aspects of control measures in occupational hygiene
M.E.G.L. Lumens (1997)
63   Proefschrift: Aspects of control measures in occupational hygiene
M.E.G.L. Lumens (1997)
64   Proefschrift: Cytokines. Mediators of inflammation, coagulation and tissue injury
A. Manten (1997), p. 147
65   Proefschrift: The integrins alfa3beta1 and alfa6beta1: role of the cytoplasmic domains in integrin function and expression
A.A. de Melker (1997), p. 167
66   Proefschrift: Primary sclerosing cholangitis: aspects of pathogenesis and therapy
A.W.M. van Milligen de Wit (1997), p. 176
67   Proefschrift: Modulation of the inflammatory, endocrine and metabolic effects of endotoxin
H.S. Moeniralam (1997), p. 199
68   Proefschrift: Genetic dissection of colon tumorigenesis and fine mapping of susceptibility genes using recombinant congenic strains of mice
C.J.A. Moens (1997), p. 173
69   Proefschrift: Haemophilus influenzae in the respiratory tract of patients with cystic fibrosis. Diversity, variability and persistance
A.V.M. Moller (1997)
70   Proefschrift: Molecular tols in support of the global polio eradication campaign
M.N. Mulders (1997), p. 151