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AMC-UvA - 1997

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51   Proefschrift: Polymorphisms and clinical relevance of FcgammaRIII
H.R. Koene (1997)
52   Proefschrift: Platelet activation in preeclampsia and other clinical conditions
A. Konijnenberg (1997)
53   Proefschrift: The role of HIV-1 syncytium inducing variants in Aids pathogenesis
M. Koot (1997), p. 102
54   Proefschrift: Modulation of antigen-presenting cell function by ultraviolet radiation
I.B. Kremer (1997), p. 128
55   Proefschrift: Diagnostic and therapeutic management of pulmonary embolism
P.M.M. Kuijer (1997)
56   Proefschrift: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
H.A.J.M. Kurvers (1997), p. 208
57   Proefschrift: On the epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases in the Netherlands
M.J.W. van de Laar (1997)
58   Proefschrift: The characterization of HLA "blank" specificities and their clinical relevance in transplantation
NM Lardy (1997), p. 119
59   Proefschrift: Hysteroscopic sterilization. Study of siloxane intratubal device (itd) application method
G. van der Leij (1997), p. 75
60   Proefschrift: Pharmacological characterization of angiotensin peptides and angiotensin II receptor antagonists
Q. Li (1997)