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AMC-UvA - 1997

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31   Proefschrift: Medical management of inflammatory bowel disease
T.A. Grool (1997), p. 143
32   Proefschrift: Medical management of inflammatory bowel disease
T.A. Grool (1997), p. 143
33   Proefschrift: Rituals of silence. Long-term tranquilizer use by woman in the Netherlands. A social case study
J.A. Haafkens (1997)
34   Proefschrift: Faces and phases of human peripheral T-cell differentiation
D. Hamann (1997), p. 105
35   Proefschrift: Metabolic and endocrine effects of HIV infection
R. Heijligenberg (1997), p. 165
36   Proefschrift: Functional differentiation of human T helper cells: role of antigen-presenting cell-derived factors
C.M.U. Hilkens (1997), p. 152
37   Proefschrift: Assessment of peritoneal permeability and mesothelial cell mass in peritoneal dialysis patients: effects of non-glucose dialysis solutions
M.M. Ho Dac-Pannekeet (1997), p. 271
38   Proefschrift: Functional status and self-rated health in elderly men: the role of aging and chronic diseases
F.H.G.M. Hoeymans (1997), p. 152
39   Proefschrift: Effective donor insemination
H.V. Hogerzeil (1997), p. 106
40   Proefschrift: Assembly and routing of human von Willebrand factor
C.C.E.M. Hop (1997), p. 152