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AMC-UvA - 1997

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101   Proefschrift: Wear, particles and physical factors in loosening of hip protheses
H.M. van der Vis (1997), p. 139
102   Proefschrift: Circadian regulation of hemodynamics in low and high blood pressure
A.J. Voogel (1997), p. 165
103   Proefschrift: Methadone maintenance treatment: pharmacokinetics and craving
J.W. de Vos (1997), p. 105
104   Proefschrift: Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding. A prospective evaluation of diagnosis and therapy
E.M. Vreeburg (1997), p. 151
105   Proefschrift: Induction of mixed chimerism and transplantation tolerance in a murine model
H.M. de Vries-van der Zwan (1997), p. 131
106   Proefschrift: Toxicity and morbidity of isolated limb perfusion
B.C. Vrouenraets (1997), p. 239
107   Proefschrift: Diagnostics in dementia
G.J.M. Walstra (1997), p. 77
108   Proefschrift: Therapeutic endoscopy
Y.G. Wang (1997), p. 173
109   Proefschrift: Ankylosing enthesopathy: a murine model for ankylosing spondylitis
S.S. Weinreich (1997), p. 109
110   Proefschrift: The carcinoma-associated musin episialin (muc1) in cell adhesion and tumor progression
J.G. Wesseling (1997), p. 126