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AMC-UvA - 1997

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91   Proefschrift: RNA editing in mitochondria of trypanosomes: studies on 'edited' and editing proteins
D. Speyer (1997), p. 190
92   Proefschrift: Viva crianca. Health, nutrition and care of young children in northeastern Brazil
M.M.W. Stegeman (1997), p. 167
93   Proefschrift: Children of alcoholics: attention, information processing, and event-related brain potentials
O. van der Stelt (1997), p. 147
94   Proefschrift: Early metabolic and inflammatory events after hepatic ischemia and partial hepatectomy
I.H. Straatsburg (1997), p. 100
95   Proefschrift: The use of health services in a slum area of North Jakarta
C. Surjadi (1997), p. 178
96   Proefschrift: Myocardial interstitial fluid balance and cardiac contraction: a study of epicardial lymph pressure in the canine heart
J.W.G.E. van Teeffelen (1997)
97   Proefschrift: Clinimetrics in dementia
S. Teunisse (1997), p. 169
98   Proefschrift: Quality assurance, apex biopsy and local control in breast cancer
G. van Tienhoven (1997), p. 130
99   Proefschrift: The role of diagnosing personality disorders in substance abuse treatment: prevalence, diagnostic validity, and clinical implications
R. Verheul (1997), p. 222
100   Proefschrift: Wear, particles and physical factors in loosening of hip protheses
H.M. van der Vis (1997)