UvA Dissertations Online

UvA Dissertations Online is a service for the online publication of dissertations of the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA). The service aims to achieve increased visibility and proper archiving of UvA dissertations. The use of international standards guarantees worldwide access to the dissertations via the Internet. Popular search engines like Google Scholar and Yahoo can easily find the dissertations in UvA Dissertations Online. To ensure continued availability of the dissertations for the next 100 years, the UvA will archive the dissertations in the e-depot of the Royal Library of the Netherlands. When necessary, the Royal Library will adjust the file format in order to keep the dissertations accessible in the future.

To add a dissertation to UvA Dissertations Online, we need a signed License Agreement of the author in which the University is licensed to add a thesis to UvA Dissertations Online. Information on how a thesis can be submitted to UvA Dissertations Online can be found on the page with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

UvA Dissertations Online is part of the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA (UvA-DARE) and of the national network NARCIS.

PhD students can choose to publish their PhD thesis with Amsterdam University Press (AUP) by Printing On Demand. AUP will deliver the required number of print copies to the author for distribution, and a digital file for UvA Dissertations Online. Furthermore, anyone worldwide can order printed copies (by printing on demand) of a thesis published by AUP. AUP will, in addition, promote UvA Dissertations Online, just like it does for the inaugural lectures of the Vossius series.

For more information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact dissertaties@uva.nl.

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