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 Report: Large housing estates in the Netherlands; overview of developments and problems in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Second Restate report
M.B. Aalbers, E. van Beckhoven, R. van Kempen, S. Musterd, W.J.M. Ostendorf
 Chapter: Amsterdam
S. Musterd, M.J.M. Dukes in: Urban governance, social inclusion and sustainability. National context reports , p. 13-41
 Chapter: The emergence of the regional city: Spatial configuration and institutional dynamics
S. Musterd, W.G.M. Salet in: Amsterdam human capital , p. 13-27
download 516474 Article: Unintended effects of urban and housing policies on integration: "white" discontent in the Dutch city
W.P.C. van Gent, S. Musterd in: Geography Research Forum, Vol. 33 (2013), p. 64-90
 Article: The creative knowledge city in Europe: structural conditions and urban policy strategies for competitive cities
S. Musterd, O. Gritsai in: European Urban and Regional Studies, Vol. 20 (2013), p. 343-359
 Article: Understanding shrinkage in European regions
M. Bontje, S. Musterd in: Built Environment, Vol. 38 (2012), p. 153-161
 Article: Les transformations urbaines et l'émergence des partis populistes de la droite radicale en Europe: le cas de la ville de La Haye
W. van Gent, S. Musterd in: Hérodote: stratégies, géographies, idéologies, Vol. 144 (2012), p. 99-112
 Article: Where the grass is greener: social segregation in three major Polish cities at the beginning of the 21st century
S. Marcińczak, S. Musterd, M. Stępniak in: European Urban and Regional Studies, Vol. 19 (2012), p. 383-403
 Article: Introduction: Problematising urban social cohesion: a transdisciplinary endeavour
K. Miciukiewicz, F. Moulaert, A. Novy, S. Musterd, J. Hillier in: Urban Studies, Vol. 49 (2012), p. 1855-1872
10   Article: Neighbourhood composition and economic prospects: a longitudinal study in the Netherlands
S. Musterd, S. de Vos, M. Das, J. Latten in: Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, Vol. 103 (2012), p. 85-100