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471  download 43399 Article: Possible Observation of Light Neutral Bosons in Nuclear Emulsions
F.W.N. de Boer, R. van Dantzig in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 61 (1988), p. 1274-1277
472  download 43063 Article: Ultrashort Surface-Plasmon and Phonon Dynamics
M. van Exter, A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 60 (1988), p. 49-52
473  download 43395 Article: Determination of single-nucleon wave functions by transverse electron scattering
R.S. Hicks, J. Button-Shafer, B. Debebe, J. Dubach, A. Hotta, R.L. Huffman, R.A. Lindgren, G.A. Peterson, R.P. Singhal in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 60 (1988), p. 905-908
474  download 43058 Article: Hilbert Space and Propagator in Thermal Field Theory
N.P. Landsman in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 60 (1988), p. 1909-1912
475  download 43060 Article: Generalized entropic uncertainty relations
H. Maassen, J.B.M. Uffink in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 60 (1988), p. 1103-1106
476  download 43398 Article: Measurement of the 1f7/2-Neutron-Orbit Radius in 41Ca
S. Platchkov, A. Amroun, P. Bricault, J.M. Cavedon, P.K.A. de Witt Huberts, P. Dreux, B. Frois, C.D. Goodman, D. Goutte in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 61 (1988), p. 1465-1468
477  download 43048 Article: Experiments with Atomic Hydrogen in a Magnetic Trapping Field
R. van Roijen, J.J. Berkhout, S. Jaakkola, J.T.M. Walraven in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 61 (1988), p. 931-934
478  download 42342 Article: New Construction of Solvable Lattice Models Including an Ising-Model in a Field
S.O. Warnaar, B. Nienhuis, K.A. Seaton in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 69 (1988), p. 710-712
479  download 43045 Article: Observation of Radially Localized Atomic Electron Wave Packets
A. ten Wolde, L.D. Noordam, A. Lagendijk, H.B. van Linden van den Heuvell in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 61 (1988), p. 2099-2101
480  download 27702 Article: Experimental limit on the decay tau- ---> tau-neutrino K- K0
H. Aihara, M. Alston-Garnjost, R.E. Avery, A. Barbaro-Galtieri, A.R. Barker, A.V. Barnes, B.A. Barnett, D.A. Bauer, F.L. Linde in: Physical review letters, Vol. 59 (1987), p. 751-754