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371  download 33628 Article: Interpretation of higher order magnetic effects in spectra of transition metal ions in terms of SO(5) and SP(10)
J.E. Hansen, B.R. Judd, A.J.J. Raassen, P.H.M. Uylings in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 78 (1997), p. 3078-3081
372  download 33677 Article: Spin echo at the Rabi frequency in solids
S.A. Holmstrom, C. Wei, N.B. Manson, J.P.D. Martin, A.S.M. Windsor, M. Glasbeek in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 78 (1997), p. 302-305
373  download 33907 Article: Observation of anomolous transport of strongly multiple scattered light in thin disordered samples
H.J. Kop, P. de Vries, R. Sprik, A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 79 (1997), p. 4369-4372
374  download 33917 Article: Coherent manipulation of Atomic Wave Packets by Adiabatic Transfer
S. Kulin, B. Saubamea, E. Peik, J. Lawall, T.W. Hijmans, M. Leduc, C. Cohen-Tannoudji in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 78 (1997), p. 4185-
375  download 33919 Article: Microscopic approach to the Lorentz cavity in Dielectrics
A. Lagendijk, B. Nienhuis, B.A. van Tiggelen, P. de Vries in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 79 (1997), p. 657-660
376  download 5013 Article: Excess quantum noise due to nonorthogonal polarization modes
A.M. van der Lee, N.J. van Druten, A.L. Mieremet, M.A. van Eijkelenborg, Å.M. Lindberg, M.P. van Exter, J.P. Woerdman in: Physical review letters, Vol. 79 (1997), p. 4357-4360
377  download 35303 Article: Metamagnetic Transition and dHvA Effect of U2Rh3Si5 (written artikel)
A.A. Menovsky, C. Terakura, T. Miura, M. Takashita, T. Terashima, S. Uji, H. Aoki, S. Ramakrishnan, B. Becker, G.J. Nieuwenhuys, J.A. Mydosh in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 78 (1997), p. 1347-
378  download 34427 Article: Atoms in the lowest motional band of a three-dimensional optical lattice
T. Muller-Seydlitz, M. Hartl, B. Brezger, H. Hansel, C. Keller, A. Schnetz, R.J.C. Spreeuw, T. Pfau, J. Mlynek in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 78 (1997), p. 1038-1041
379  download 35339 Article: Monometallofullerene Tm@C82: proof of an encapsulated divalent Tm ion by high energy spectroscopy
T. Pichler, M.S. Golden, M. Knupfer, J. Fink, U. Kirbach, P. Kuran, L. Dunsch in: Physical review letters, Vol. 79 (1997), p. 3026-3019
380  download 15610 Article: On-ball doping of fullerenes: the electronic structure of C59N dimers from experiment and theory
T. Pichler, M. Knupfer, M.S. Golden, S. Haffner, R. Friedlein, J. Fink, W. Andreoni, A. Curioni, M. Keshavarz-K. in: Physical review letters, Vol. 78 (1997), p. 4249-4252