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441  download 42344 Article: Geometrical aspects of critical Ising configurations in two dimensions
H.J.W. Blöte, Y.M.M. Knops, B. Nienhuis in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 68 (1992), p. 3440-3443
442  download 42339 Article: Experimental observation of hysteresis in a wetting transition
D. Bonn, H. Kellay, G.H. Wegdam in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 69 (1992), p. 1975-1978
443  download 42337 Article: Efficient Population Transfer in a 3-Level Ladder System by Frequency-Swept Ultrashort Laser-Pulses
B. Broers, H.B.V. van den Heuvel, L.D. Noordam in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 69 (1992), p. 2062-2065
444  download 42333 Article: Longer Wavelengths Require Lower Intensity in Multiphoton Detachment of Negative-Ions
M.D. Davidson, D.W. Schumacher, P.H. Bucksbaum, H.G. Muller, H.B.V. van den Heuvel in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 69 (1992), p. 3459-3462
445  download 42336 Article: Magnetic-Anisotropy of a Bi2sr2cacu2ox Single-Crystal
J.C. Martinez, S.H. Brongersma, A. Koshelev, B. Ivlev, P.H. Kes, R.P. Griessen, D.G. de Groot, Z. Tarnavski, A.A. Menovsky in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 69 (1992), p. 2276-2279
446  download 28177 Article: Nonlinear Susceptibility As a Probe of Tensor Spin Order in URu2Si2
A.P. Ramirez, P. Coleman, E.H. Bruck, P. Chandra, A.A. Menovsky, Z. Fisk, E. Bucher in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 68 (1992), p. 2680-2683
447  download 28189 Article: New exactly solvable model for strongly correlated electrons motivated by high-T_c superconductivity
K. Schoutens, F. Essler, V. Korepin in: Physical review letters, Vol. 68 (1992), p. 2960-2963
448  download 8917 Article: Comment on ``Determination of the chemical potential of polymeric systems from Monte Carlo simulations''
B. Smit, G.C.A.M. Mooij, D. Frenkel in: Physical review letters, Vol. 68 (1992), p. 3637-
449  download 42334 Article: Paramagnetic State of the Isolated Gold Impurity in Silicon
N.T. Son, T. Gregorkiewicz, C.A.J. Ammerlaan in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 69 (1992), p. 3185-3188
450  download 42349 Article: Speed of propagation of classical waves in strongly scattering media
M.P. van Albada, B.A. van Tiggelen, A. Lagendijk, A. Tip in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 66 (1991), p. 3132-3135