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331  download 37357 Artikel: Evidence for a two component magnetic response in UPt3
A. Yaouanc, P.D. de Reotier, F.N. Gygax, A. Schenck, A. Amato, C. Baines, P.C.M. Gubbens, C.T. Kaiser, A. de Visser, R.J. Keizer, A. Huxley, A.A. Menovsky in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 84 (2000), p. 2702-2705
332  download 37358 Artikel: X-Ray Waveguiding Studies of Ordering Phenomena in Confined Fluids
M.J. Zwanenburg, J.H.H. Bongaerts, J.F. Peters, D.O. Riese, J.F. van der Veen in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 5154-5157
333  download 35947 Artikel: Similarity of Slow Stripe Fluctuations between SR-Doped Cuprates and Oxygen-Doped Nickelates
I.M. Abu-Shiekah, O.O. Bernal, A.A. Menovsky, H.B. Brom, J. Zaanen in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 83 (1999), p. 3309-3312
334  download 35948 Artikel: Effects of pressure on tiny antiferromagnetic moments in the heavy-electron compound URu2Si2
H. Amitsuka, M. Sato, N. Metoki, M. Yokoyama, K. Kuwahara, T. Sakakibara, H. Morimoto, S. Kawarazaki, Y. Miyako, J.A. Mydosh in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 83 (1999), p. 5114-5117
335  download 35956 Artikel: A New Class of Non-Abelian Spin-Singlet Quantum Hall States
E. Ardonne, K. Schoutens in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 82 (1999), p. 5096-5099
336  download 35958 Artikel: Unextendible product bases and bound entanglement
C.H. Bennett, D.P. DiVincenzo, T. Mor, P.W. Shor, J.A. Smolin, B.M. Terhal in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 82 (1999), p. 5385-
337  download 35961 Artikel: Large dispersive effects near the band edges of photonic crystals, (article)
A. Imhof, W.L. Vos, R. Sprik, A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 83 (1999), p. 2942-2945
338  download 35967 Artikel: The size of electron-hole pairs in p-conjugated systems
M. Knupfer, T. Pichler, M.S. Golden, J. Fink, M. Murgia, R.H. Michel, R. Zamboni, C. Taliani in: Physical review letters, Vol. 83 (1999), p. 1443-1446
339  download 35953 Artikel: Comment on "What is a gauge transformation in quantum mechanics?"
N.P. Landsman in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 83 (1999), p. 1070-
340  download 35962 Artikel: Comment on "Spontaneous emission of organic molecules embedded in a photonic crystal",
M. Megens, H.P. Schriemer, A. Lagendijk, W.L. Vos in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 83 (1999), p. 5401-