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321  download 37359 Artikel: Orbital magnetic moment instability at the Spin Reorientation Transition of Nd2Fe14B
L.M. Garcia, J. Chaboy, F. Bartolome, J.B. Goedkoop in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 429-432
322   Artikel: Comment on "Direct measurement of the 'giant' adiabatic temperature change in Gd5Si2Ge2"
K.A. Geschneidner, V.K. Pecharsky, E.H. Bruck, H.G.M. Duijn, E.M. Levin in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 4190-4190
323   Artikel: Critical Petermann K factor for intensity noise squeezing
A.M. van der Lee, N.J. van Druten, M.P. van Exter, J.P. Woerdman, J.P. Poizat, P. Grangier in: Physical review letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 4711-4714
324  download 37353 Artikel: Can polymer coils be modelled as "soft colloids" ?
A.A. Louis, P.G. Bolhuis, J.P. Hansen, E.J. Meijer in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 2522-2525
325  download 37351 Artikel: Exact and numerical results for a dimerized coupled spin-1/2 chain
M.J. Martins, B. Nienhuis in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 4956-4959
326  download 37355 Artikel: Effective screening of hydrodynamic interactions in charged colloidal suspensions
D.O. Riese, G.H. Wegdam, W.L. Vos, R. Sprik, D.P.C. Fenistein, J.H.H. Bongaerts, G. Grubel in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 5460-5463
327  download 37352 Artikel: Probing the plateau-insulator quantum phase transition in the quantum Hall regime
R.T.F. van Schaijk, A. de Visser, S. Oltshoorn, H.P. Wei, A.M.M. Pruisken in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 84 (2000), p. 1567-1570
328  download 37354 Artikel: Reflection and transmission of waves near the localization threshold
B.A. van Tiggelen, A. Lagendijk, D.S. Wiersma in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 84 (2000), p. 4333-4336
329  download 37360 Artikel: Autoionization of triply-excited Rydberg series
G.C. Verbockhaven, J.E. Hansen in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. B84 (2000)
330  download 37356 Artikel: Magnetic quantum critical point and superconductivity in UPt3 doped with Pd
A. de Visser, M.J. Graf, P. Estrela, A. Amato, C. Baines, D. Andreica, F.N. Gygax, A. Schenck in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 85 (2000), p. 3005-3008