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261  download 34071 Artikel: Weakly Bound Dimers of Fermionic Atoms
D.S. Petrov, C. Salomon, G. Shlyapnikov in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 090404-
262  download 34078 Artikel: Pinning of vortices in a Bose-Einstein condensate by an optical lattice
J.W. Reijnders, R.A. Duine in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 60401-
263   Artikel: Chain Length Dependencies of the Bending Modulus of Surfactant Monolayers
L. Rekvig, B. Hafskjold, B. Smit in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 92 (2004), p. 116101/1-116101/4
264  download 40332 Artikel: The steady state of heterogeneous catalysis, studied by first-principles statistical mechanics
K. Reuter, D. Frenkel, M. Scheffler in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 116105/1-116105/4
265  download 34122 Artikel: Self-poisoning of crystal nuclei in hard-rod liquids
T. Schilling, D. Frenkel in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 92 (2004), p. 085505/1-085505/4
266   Artikel: Chain length dependencies of the bending modulus of surfactant monolayers.
B. Smit in: Physical review letters, Vol. 92 (2004), p. 116101-1-116101-4
267  download 36748 Artikel: Search for large extra dimensions in the monojet + missing E(T) channel at D0
V.M. Abazov (et al.), P.W. Balm, F. Blekman, K. Bos, O. Peters in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. - (2003), p. 251802-
268  download 36741 Artikel: Line tension controls wall-induced crystal nucleation in hard-sphere colloids
S. Auer, D. Frenkel in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 91 (2003), p. no. 015703-
269  download 36740 Artikel: Colloid-polymer mixtures in the protein limit
P.G. Bolhuis, E.J. Meijer, A.A. Louis in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 90 (2003), p. no. 068304-
270   Artikel: Anomalous enhancement of the coupling to the magnetic resonance mode in underdoped Pb-Bi2212
S.V. Borisenko, A.A. Kordyuk, T.K. Kim, A. Koitzsch, M. Knupfer, J. Fink, M.S. Golden, H. Eschrig, H. Berger, R. Follath in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 90 (2003), p. 207001-