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471  download 5033 Article: Classical realization of a strongly driven two-level system
R.J.C. Spreeuw, N.J. van Druten, M.W. Beijersbergen, E.R. Eliel, J.P. Woerdman in: Physical review letters, Vol. 65 (1990), p. 2642-2645
472  download 42358 Article: Solubility of fluid helium in solid nitrogen at high pressure
W.L. Vos, J.A. Schouten in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 64 (1990), p. 898-901
473  download 43035 Article: Quantum reflection: Focusing of hydrogen atoms with a concave mirror
J.J. Berkhout, O.J. Luiten, D. Setija, T.W. Hijmans, T. Mizusaki, J.T.M. Walraven in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 63 (1989), p. 1689-1692
474  download 43033 Article: Rise and fall of the 4d10→4d94f resonance in the Xe isoelectronic sequence
J.E. Hansen, J. Brilly, E.T. Kennedy, G. O’Sullivan in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 63 (1989), p. 1934-1937
475  download 43030 Article: Focused electron emission from planar quantum point contacts
H. de Raedt, N. Garcia, J.J. Saenz in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 63 (1989), p. 2260-2263
476  download 43040 Article: Transverse Localization of Light
H. de Raedt, A. Lagendijk, P. de Vries in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 62 (1989), p. 47-50
477  download 43039 Article: Localization of waves in fractals: Spatial behavior
P. de Vries, H. de Raedt, A. Lagendijk in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 62 (1989), p. 2515-2518
478  download 43028 Article: Observation of fast sound in disparate-mass gas mixtures by light scattering
G.H. Wegdam, A. Bot, R.P.C. Schram, H.M. Schaink in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 63 (1989), p. 2697-2700
479  download 43038 Article: High time resolution with incoherent light in the Raman-fringe decay
K. Wynne, M. Müller, J.D.W. van Voorst in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 62 (1989), p. 3031-3033
480  download 27425 Article: Charged-hadron inclusive cross sections and fractions in e+ e- annihilation at sqrt[s] = 29-GeV
H. Aihara, M. Alston-Garnjost, R.E. Avery, A. Barbaro-Galtieri, A.R. Barker, B.A. Barnett, D.A. Bauer, A. Bay, F.L. Linde in: Physical review letters, Vol. 61 (1988), p. 1263-1266