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261  download 43471 Article: Charge detection enables free-electron quantum computation
C.W. Beenakker, D.P. DiVincenzo, C. Emary, M. Kindermann in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 931 (2004), p. 020501-
262  download 34161 Article: Molecular Simulation of Loading Dependent Slow Diffusion in Confined Systems
E. Beerdsen, B. Smit, D. Dubbeldam in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 248301/1-248301/4
263  download 40331 Article: Crystal nucleation of colloidal suspensions under shear
R. Blaak, S. Auer, D. Frenkel, H. Löwen in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 068303-068303
264  download 34072 Article: Interferometric determination of the s- and d-wave scattering amplitudes in 87Rb
C.A.A. Buggle, J.A. Léonard, W. von Klitzing, J.T.M. Walraven in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 173202-
265  download 40333 Article: Breakdown of classical nucleation theory near isostructural phase transitions
A. Cacciuto, S. Auer, D. Frenkel in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 166105/1-166105/4
266  download 34070 Article: Achieving a BCS Transition in an Atomic Fermi Gas
L.D. Carr, G. Shlyapnikov, Y. Castin in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 92 (2004), p. 150404-
267  download 34079 Article: On the mass spectrum of the two-dimensional O(3) sigma model with theta term
D. Controzzi, G. Mussardo in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 92 (2004), p. 21601-
268   Article: Force Field Parametrization through Fitting on Inflection Points in Isotherms
D. Dubbeldam, S. Calero, T.J.H. Vlugt, R. Krishna, Th.L.M. Maesen, E. Beerdsen in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 088302/1-088302/4
269   Article: Force field parametrization through fitting on inflection points in isotherms.
D. Dubbeldam, S. Calero Diaz, T.J.H. Vlugt, R. Krishna, T.L.M. Maesen, E. Beerdsen, B. Smit in: Physical review letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 088302-1-088302-4
270  download 40335 Article: Oxygen saturation-dependent absorption and scattering of blood
D.J. Faber, M.C.G. Aalders, E.G. Mik, B.A. Hooper, M.J.C. van Gemert, T.G. van Leeuwen in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93 (2004), p. 028102-1-028102-4