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121   Article: High-resolution probing of cellular force transmission
D. Mizuno, R. Bacabac, C. Tardin, D. Head, C.F. Schmidt in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 102 (2009), p. 168102-
122   Article: Effect of surface tension variations on the pinch-off behavior of small fluid drops in the presence of surfactants
M. Roché, M. Aytouna, D. Bonn, H. Kellay in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103 (2009), p. 264501-
123  download 190388 Article: Improved flux limits for neutrinos with energies above 10(22) eV from observations with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
O. Scholten, S. Buitink, J. Bacelar, R. Braun, A.G. de Bruyn, H. Falcke, K. Singh, B. Stappers, R.G. Strom, R. al Yahyaoui in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103 (2009), p. 191301-
124  download 168871 Article: Evidence for cooperative vibrational relaxation of the NH-, OH-, and OD-stretching modes in hydrogen-bonded liquids using infrared pump-probe spectroscopy
D.J. Shaw, M.R. Panman, S. Woutersen in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103 (2009), p. 4-
125  download 190356 Article: Enhancement of superconductivity near the ferromagnetic quantum critical point in UCoGe
E. Slooten, T. Naka, A. Gasparini, Y.K. Huang, A. de Visser in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103 (2009), p. 097003-
126  download 190377 Article: Constraints on neutron star crusts from oscillations in giant flares
A.W. Steiner, A.L. Watts in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 103 (2009), p. 181101-
127  download 190384 Article: Direct observation of magnon fractionalization in the quantum spin ladder
B. Thielemann, C. Rüegg, H.M. Rønnow, A.M. Läuchli, J.S. Caux, B. Normand, D. Biner, K.W. Krämer, H.U. Güdel, J. Stahn, K. Habicht, K. Kiefer, M. Boehm, D.F. McMorrow, J. Mesot in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 102 (2009), p. 107204-
128   Article: Structure dynamics of the proton in liquid water probed with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
K.J. Tielrooij, R.L.A. Timmer, H.J. Bakker, M. Bonn in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 102 (2009), p. 198303-
129   Article: Muon spin rotation and relaxation in the superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe
A. de Visser, N.T. Huy, A. Gasparini, D.E. de Nijs, D. Andreica, C. Baines, A. Amato in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 102 (2009), p. 167003-
130   Article: First study of the radiation-amplitude zero in W gamma production and limits on anomalous WW gamma couplings at root s=1.96 TeV
V.M. Abazov, . et al, S.J. de Jong, M. Demarteau, P. Houben, P.J. van den Berg in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 100 (2008), p. 241805-