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21   Artikel: Nonuniversal prefactors in the correlation functions of one-dimensional quantum liquids
A. Shashi, L.I. Glazman, J.S. Caux, A Imambekov in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 18
22   Artikel: Canted antiferromagnetic order of imbalanced Fermi-Fermi mixtures in optical lattices by dynamical mean-field theory
M. Snoek, I. Titvinidze, W. Hofstetter in: Physical Review B, Vol. 83 (2011), p. 6
23   Artikel: Dissimilarities between the electronic structure of chemically doped and chemically pressurized iron pnictides from an angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study
S. Thirupathaiah, E.D.L. Rienks, H.S. Jeevan, R. Ovsyannikov, E. Slooten, J.J. Kaas, E. van Heumen, S. de Jong, H.A. Duerr, K. Siemensmeyer, R. Follath, P. Gegenwart, M.S. Golden, J. Fink in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 7
24   Artikel: Decomposition of fractional quantum Hall model states: product rule symmetries and approximations
R. Thomale, B. Estienne, N. Regnault, B.A. Bernevig in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 19
25  download 210471 Artikel: Macroscopic charge quantization in single-electron devices
I.S. Burmistrov, A.M.M. Pruisken in: Physical Review B, Vol. 81 (2010), p. 085428-
26  download 207247 Artikel: Dynamical correlation functions of the mesoscopic pairing model
A. Faribault, P. Calabrese, J.S. Caux in: Physical Review B, Vol. 81 (2010), p. 174507-
27  download 209576 Artikel: Thermal expansion of the superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe
A. Gasparini, Y.K. Huang, J. Hartbaum, H. v. Löhneysen, A. de Visser in: Physical Review B, Vol. 82 (2010), p. 052502-
28  download 209660 Artikel: Optical gain of the 1.54 μm emission in MBE-grown Si:Er nanolayers
N.N. Ha, K. Dohnalová, T. Gregorkiewicz, J. Valenta in: Physical Review B, Vol. 81 (2010), p. 195206-195206
29  download 210455 Artikel: Anomalous spin distribution in the superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe studied by polarized neutron diffraction
K. Prokeš, A. de Visser, Y.K. Huang, B. Fåk, E. Ressouche in: Physical Review B, Vol. 81 (2010), p. 180407(R)-
30   Artikel: Positive muon spin rotation and relaxation measurements on the ferromagnetic superconductor UGe2 at ambient and high pressure
S. Sakarya, P.C.M. Gubbens, A. Yaouanc, P. Dalmas de Réotier, D. Andreica, A. Amato, U Zimmerman, H. van Dijk, E. van Brueck, Y. Huang, T.J. Gortenmulder in: Physical Review B, Vol. 81 (2010), p. 19