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141   Artikel: Multiple Bragg wave coupling in photonic band gap crystals
H.M. van Driel, W.L. Vos in: Physical Review B, Vol. 62 (2000), p. 9872-9875
142   Artikel: Magnetorefractive and magnetic-linear-dichroism effect in exchange-biased spin valves
J. van Driel, F.R. de Boer, R. Coehoorn, G.H. Rietjens, E.S.J. Heuvelmans-Wijdenes in: Physical Review B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 15321-15326
143   Artikel: Energy Transfer Between Shallow Centers and RE Ion Core: Er3+ Ion in Silicon,
T. Gregorkiewicz, D.T.X. Thao, J.M. Langer, H.H.P.Th. Bekman, M.S. Bresler, J. Michel, L.C. Kimerling in: Physical Review B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 5369-5375
144   Artikel: Suppression of simple antiferromagnetism in UNi2Si2 under high pressure
F. Honda, N. Matsuda, G. Oomi, N. Mori, N. Takeshita, V. Sechovsky, A.V. Andreev, A.A. Menovsky in: Physical Review B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 11267-11269
145  download 37341 Artikel: Hole distribution between the Ni 3d and O 2p orbitals in Nd2-xSrxNiO4-d
Z. Hu, M.S. Golden, J. Fink, G. Kaindl, S.A. Warda, D. Reinen, P. Mahadevan, D.D. Sarma in: Physical review. B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 3739-3744
146  download 37342 Artikel: Multiplet effects in the Ru-L2,3 x-ray absorption spectra of Ru(IV) and Ru(V) compounds
Z. Hu, H. von Lips, M.S. Golden, J. Fink, G. Kaindl, F.M.F. de Groot, S. Ebbinghaus, A. Reller in: Physical review. B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 5262-5266
147   Artikel: Hydrogen Passivation of the Selenium Double Donor: A Study by Magnetic Resonance
P.T. Huy, C.A.J. Ammerlaan, T. Gregorkiewicz, D.T. Don in: Physical Review B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 7448-7458
148   Artikel: Giant magnetoresistance effect in PbTe(Yb,Mn)
I.I. Ivanchik, D.R. Khokhlov, A.V. Morozov, A.A. Terekhov, E.I. Slyn'ko, V.I. Slyn'ko, A. de Visser, W.D. Dobrowolski in: Physical Review B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. R14889-R14892
149   Artikel: Infrared study of crystal-field excitations in Nd2-xCexCuO4
S. Jandl, P. Richard, M. Poirier, V. Nekvasil, A.A. Nugroho, A.A. Menovsky, D.I. Zhigunov, S.N. Barilo, S.V. Shiryaev in: Physical Review B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 12882-12887
150   Artikel: Montre Carlo simulations of the distribution of Ar and other noble-gas atoms in high pressure solid N2
E.P. van Klaveren, J.P.J. Michels, J.A. Schouten in: Physical Review B, Vol. 61 (2000), p. 9327-9335