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21   Article: Entanglement Entropy of Gapped Phase and Topological Order in Three Dimensions
T. Grover, A. Vishwanath, A.M. Turner in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011)
22   Article: Photon cutting for excitation Er3+ions in SiO2 sensitized by Si qunatum dots
N.N. Ha, S. Cueff, K. Dohnalova, M.T. Trinh, R. Rizk, C. Labbé, I.N. Yassievich, T. Gregorkiewicz in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 5
23   Article: Exact ground states of a staggered supersymmetric model for lattice fermions
L. Huijse, N. Moran, J. Vala, C.J.M. Schoutens in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011)
24   Article: Hybridization gap and anisotropic far-infrared optical conductivity of URu2Si2
J. Levallois, F. Lévy-Bertrand, M.K. Tran, D. Stricker, J.A. Mydosch, Y. Huang, D. van der Marel in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 6
25   Article: The dynamics of azurite Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2 in a magnetic field as determined by neutron scattering
K.C Rule, D.A Tennant, J.S. Caux, M.C.R Gibson, M.T.F Telling, S. Gerischer, S. Süllow, M. Lang in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 8
26   Article: Dynamics and microscopic origin of fast 1.5 μm emission in Er-doped SiO2 sensitized with Si nanocrystals
S. Saeed, D. Timmerman, T. Gregorkiewicz in: Physical Review B, Vol. 83 (2011), p. 5
27   Article: Nonuniversal prefactors in the correlation functions of one-dimensional quantum liquids
A. Shashi, L.I. Glazman, J.S. Caux, A Imambekov in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 18
28   Article: Canted antiferromagnetic order of imbalanced Fermi-Fermi mixtures in optical lattices by dynamical mean-field theory
M. Snoek, I. Titvinidze, W. Hofstetter in: Physical Review B, Vol. 83 (2011), p. 6
29   Article: Dissimilarities between the electronic structure of chemically doped and chemically pressurized iron pnictides from an angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study
S. Thirupathaiah, E.D.L. Rienks, H.S. Jeevan, R. Ovsyannikov, E. Slooten, J.J. Kaas, E. van Heumen, S. de Jong, H.A. Duerr, K. Siemensmeyer, R. Follath, P. Gegenwart, M.S. Golden, J. Fink in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 7
30   Article: Decomposition of fractional quantum Hall model states: product rule symmetries and approximations
R. Thomale, B. Estienne, N. Regnault, B.A. Bernevig in: Physical Review B, Vol. 84 (2011), p. 19