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211  download 15605 Article: Site-specific unoccupied electronic structure of one-dimensional SrCuO2
M. Knupfer, R. Neudert, M. Kielwein, S. Haffner, M.S. Golden, J. Fink, C. Kim, Z.-X. Shen, M. Merz in: Physical review. B, Vol. 55 (1997), p. R7291-R7294
212  download 34249 Article: Josephson junction thermodynamics and the superconductivity phase transition in a SQUID device
A. Maassen van den Brink, H. Dekker in: Physical Review B, Vol. 55 (1997), p. R8697-R8700
213  download 34260 Article: Solution of a supersymmetric model of correlated electrons
M.J. Martins, P.B. Ramos in: Physical Review B, Vol. 56 (1997), p. 6376-6379
214  download 35601 Article: X-ray absorption spectroscopy of detwinned PrxY1-xBa2Cu3O7-y single crystals: electronic structure and hole distribution
M. Merz, N. Nücker, E. Pellegrin, P. Schweiss, S. Schuppler, M. Kielwein, M. Knupfer, M.S. Golden, J. Fink in: Physical review. B, Vol. 55 (1997), p. 9160-9172
215  download 34425 Article: PrRu2Si2: A giant anisotropic induced magnet with a singlet crystal-field ground state
A.M. Mulders, A. Yaouanc, P.D. de Reotier, P.C.M. Gubbens, A.A. Moolenaar, B. Fak, E. Ressouche, K. Prokes, A.A. Menovsky, K.H.J. Buschow in: Physical Review B, Vol. 56 (1997), p. 8752-8759
216  download 34692 Article: Quantum critical effects in mean-field glassy systems
F. Ritort in: Physical Review B, Vol. 55 (1997), p. 14096-14099
217  download 34849 Article: Experimental test of the interlayer pairing models for high-Tc superconductors using grazing-incidence infrared reflectometry
J. Schuetzmann, H.S. Somal, A.A. Tsvetkov, D. van der Marel, G.E.J. Koops, N. Koleshnikov, Z.F. Ren, J.H. Wang, E.H. Bruck, A.A. Menovsky in: Physical Review B, Vol. 55 (1997), p. 11118-11121
218   Article: Strong reduction of fquasiparticle scattering rate with gap formation in CeNiSn
T. Shibauchi, N. Katase, T. Tamegai, K. Uchinokura, T. Takabatake, G. Nakamoto, A.A. Menovsky in: Physical Review B, Vol. 56 (1997), p. 8277-8281
219  download 35042 Article: Superconductivity and magnetism in heavy-fermion UPd2(Al,Ga)3
S. Suellow, B. Ludolph, B. Becker, G.J. Nieuwenhuys, A.A. Menovsky, J.A. Mydosh in: Physical Review B, Vol. 56 (1997), p. 846-852
220  download 35046 Article: Coupled spin-lattice transition in U2Rh3Si5: Thermal expansion and magnetization
T. Takeuchi, T. Yamada, Y. Miyako, K. Oda, K. Kindo, B. Becker, A.A. Menovsky, G.J. Nieuwenhuys, J.A. Mydosh in: Physical Review B, Vol. 56 (1997), p. 10778-10781