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191  download 43503 Artikel: Raman spectra and phase behavior of the mixed solid N2-Ar at high pressure.
M.E. Kooi, J.A. Schouten in: Physical Review B, Vol. 57 (1998), p. 10407-10413
192  download 43504 Artikel: Gap-suppression and development of antiferromagnetic order in CeRh1-xPdxSb system: Heat capacity studies
L. Menon, F.E. Kayzel, A. de Visser, S.K. Malik in: Physical Review B, Vol. 58 (1998), p. 85-88
193   Artikel: Antiferromagnetic structure of UNiAl
A.A. Menovsky, K. Prokes, F. Bourdarot, P. Burlet, P. Javorsky, M. Olsovec, V. Sechovsky, E.H. Brück, F.R. de Boer in: Physical Review B, Vol. 58 (1998), p. 2692-2698
194  download 43480 Artikel: Low-temperature specific heat of Nd2-xCexCuO4-y single crystals (x=0 and 0.15) in applied magnetic fields
A.A. Menovsky, N.T. Hien, H.G.M. Duijn, J.H.P. Colpa, J.J.M. Franse in: Physical Review B, Vol. 57 (1998), p. 5906-5917
195  download 43502 Artikel: epsilon-delta phase transition of nitrogen and the orientational behavior of the second-order transition within the delta phase: A Monte Carlo study at 7.0 GPa.
A. Mulder, J.P.J. Michels, J.A. Schouten in: Physical Review B, Vol. 57 (1998), p. 7571-7580
196   Artikel: Two types of magnetism in the magnetic superconductor TmNi2B2C related to the degree of carbon site occupancy
A.M. Mulders, P.C.M. Gubbens, U. Gasser, C. Baines, K.H.J. Buschow in: Physical Review B, Vol. 57 (1998), p. 10320-10323
197  download 43500 Artikel: Magnetotransport in carbon foils fabricated from exfoliated graphite
R.T.F. van Schaijk, A. de Visser, V.A. Kulbachinskii, V.G. Kytin, S.G. Ionov in: Physical Review B, Vol. 57 (1998), p. 8900-8906
198  download 43477 Artikel: Electronic structure of the Cu3O4 plane of Ba2Cu3O4Cl2: experiment and theory
H.C. Schmelz, M.S. Golden, S. Haffner, M. Knupfer, G. Krabbes, J. Fink, H. Rosner, R. Hayn, H. Eschrig in: Physical review. B, Vol. 57 (1998), p. 10936-10945
199   Artikel: Strongly correlated electron systems: photoemission and the single-impurity model
A.J. Arko, J.J. Joyce, A.B. Andrews, J.D. Thompson, J.L. Smith, D. Mandrus, M.F. Hundley, A.L. Cornelius, E. Moshopolou, Z. Fisk, P.C. Canfield, A.A. Menovsky in: Physical Review B, Vol. 56 (1997), p. R7041-4-
200  download 15611 Artikel: High resolution x-ray photoemission study of single crystalline Sr2CuO2Cl2
T. Böske, O. Knauff, R. Neudert, M. Kielwein, M. Knupfer, M.S. Golden, J. Fink, H. Eisaki, S. Uchida in: Physical review. B, Vol. 56 (1997), p. 3438-3446