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161   Artikel: Pulsed X-Ray Emission from Pulsar A in the Double Pulsar System J0737-3039
S. Chatterjee, B.M. Gaensler, A. Melatos, W.F. Brisken, B.W. Stappers in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 670 (2007), p. 1301-1306
162   Artikel: Deep Searches for Radio Pulsations and Bursts from Four Southern Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars
F. Crawford, J.W.T. Hessels, V.M. Kaspi in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 662 (2007), p. 1183-1187
163   Artikel: The Spectral Energy Distribution of Quiescent Black Hole X-Ray Binaries: New Constraints from Spitzer
E. Gallo, S. Migliari, S. Markoff, J.A. Tomsick, C.D. Bailyn, S. Berta, R. Fender, J.C.A. Miller-Jones in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 670 (2007), p. 600-609
164   Artikel: On the Interpretation of the Age Distribution of Star Clusters in the Small Magellanic Cloud
M. Gieles, H.J.G.L.M. Lamers, S.F. Portegies Zwart in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 668 (2007), p. 268-274
165   Artikel: Cosmological Effects of Powerful AGN Outbursts in Galaxy Clusters: Insights from an XMM-Newton Observation of MS 0735+7421
M. Gitti, B.R. McNamara, P.E.J. Nulsen, M. Wise in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 660 (2007), p. 1118-1136
166   Artikel: Constraints on Thermal X-Ray Radiation from SAX J1808.4-3658 and Implications for Neutron Star Neutrino Emission
C.O. Heinke, P.G. Jonker, R. Wijnands, R.E. Taam in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 660 (2007), p. 1424-1427
167   Artikel: Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer Observations of the First Transient Z Source XTE J1701-462: Shedding New Light on Mass Accretion in Luminous Neutron Star X-Ray Binaries
J. Homan, M. van der Klis, R. Wijnands, T. Belloni, R. Fender, M. Klein Wolt, P. Casella, M. Méndez, E. Gallo, W.H.G. Lewin, N. Gehrels in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 656 (2007), p. 420-430
168   Artikel: Prompt and Afterglow Emission Properties of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Spectroscopically Identified Supernovae
Y. Kaneko, E. Ramirez-Ruiz, J. Granot, C. Kouveliotou, S.E. Woosley, S.K. Patel, E. Rol, J.J.M. in 't Zand, A.J. van der Horst, R.A.M.J. Wijers, R. Strom in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 654 (2007), p. 385-402
169   Artikel: Nondetection of Gravitationally Redshifted Absorption Lines in the X-Ray Burst Spectra of GS 1826-24
A.K.H. Kong, J.M. Miller, M. Méndez, J. Cottam, W.H.G. Lewin, F. Paerels, E. Kuulkers, R. Wijnands, M. van der Klis in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 670 (2007), p. L17-L20
170   Artikel: An Accreting Millisecond Pulsar with Black Hole-like X-Ray Variability: IGR J00291+5934
M. Linares, M. van der Klis, R. Wijnands in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 660 (2007), p. 595-604