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31   Article: Estimating the public health impact of the effect of herpes simplex virus suppressive therapy on plasma HIV-1 viral load
R.F. Baggaley, J.T. Griffin, R. Chapman, T.D. Hollingsworth, N. Nagot, S. Delany, P. Mayaud, F. de Wolf, C. Fraser, A.C. Ghani, H.A. Weiss in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 1005-1013
32   Article: Multiple transmissions of a stable human leucocyte antigen-B27 cytotoxic T-cell-escape strain of HIV-1 in The Netherlands
M Cornelissen, F.M. Hoogland, N.K. Back, S. Jurriaans, F. Zorgdrager, M. Bakker, K. Brinkman, M. Prins, A.C. van der Kuyl in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 1495-1500
33   Article: The effect of HIV infection on adult meningitis in Indonesia: a prospective cohort study
A.R. Ganiem, I. Parwati, R. Wisaksana, A. van der Zanden, D. van de Beek, P. Sturm, A. van der Ven, B. Alisjahbana, A.M. Brouwer, N. Kurniani, J. Gans, R. van Crevel in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 2309-2316
34   Article: Prevalence of cross-reactive HIV-1-neutralizing activity in HIV-1-infected patients with rapid or slow disease progression
M.J. van Gils, Z. Euler, B. Schweighardt, T. Wrin, H. Schuitemaker in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 2405-2414
35   Article: Continuous antiretroviral therapy decreases bone mineral density
B. Grund, G. Peng, C.L. Gibert, J.F. Hoy, R.L. Isaksson, J.C. Shlay, E. Martinez, P. Reiss, F. Visnegarwala, A.D. Carr in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 1519-1529
36   Article: Risk factors for treatment-limiting toxicities in patients starting nevirapine-containing antiretroviral therapy
A.M. Kesselring, F.W. Wit, C.A. Sabin, J.D. Lundgren, M.J. Gill, J.M. Gatell, A. Rauch, J.S. Montaner, F. de Wolf, P. Reiss, A. Mocroft in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 1689-1699
37   Article: Clinical experience with the combined use of lopinavir/ritonavir and rifampicin
R.F.A. L'homme, H.M.J. Nijland, L. Gras, R.E. Aarnoutse, R. van Crevel, M. Boeree, K. Brinkman, J.M. Prins, J.R. Juttmann, D.M. Burger in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 863-865
38   Article: Prognosis of patients treated with cART from 36 months after initiation, according to current and previous CD4 cell count and plasma HIV-1 RNA measurements
E. Lanoy, M. May, A. Mocroft, A. Phillips, A. Justice, G. Chene, H. Furrer, T. Sterling, A.d.A. Monforte, L. Force, J. Gill, R. Harris, R.S. Hogg, J. Rockstroh, M. Saag, P. Khaykin, F. de Wolf, J.A.C. Sterne, D. Costagliola in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 2199-2208
39   Article: Association of HLA-C and HCP5 gene regions with the clinical course of HIV-1 infection
D. van Manen, N.A. Kootstra, B. Boeser-Nunnink, M.A. Handulle, A.B. van 't Wout, H. Schuitemaker in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 19-28
40   Article: Safety, tolerability, and systemic absorption of dapivirine vaginal microbicide gel in healthy, HIV-negative women
A.M. Nel, P. Coplan, J.H. van de Wijgert, S.H. Kapiga, C. von Mollendorf, E. Geubbels, J. Vyankandondera, H.V. Rees, G. Masenga, I. Kiwelu, J. Moyes, S.C. Smythe in: AIDS, Vol. 23 (2009), p. 1531-1538