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121   Artikel: Association between an interleukin-4 promoter polymorphism and the acquisition of CXCR4 using HIV-1 variants
D. Kwa, R.P. van Rij, B. Boeser-Nunnink, J. Vingerhoed, H. Schuitemaker in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 981-985
122   Artikel: Lack of evidence for an association between a polymorphism in CX3CR1 and the clinical course of HIV infection or virus phenotype evolution (letter)
D. Kwa, B. Boeser-Nunnink, H. Schuitemaker in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 759-761
123   Artikel: Risk of severe hepatotoxicity associated with antiretroviral therapy in the HIV-NAT Cohort, Thailand, 1996-2001
W.P. Law, G.J. Dore, C. Duncombe, A. Mahanontharit, M.A. Boyd, K. Ruxrungtham, J.M.A. Lange, P. Phanuphak, D.A. Cooper in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 2191-2199
124   Artikel: A randomized trial to study first-line combination therapy with or without a protease inhibitor in HIV-1-infected patients
R. van Leeuwen, C. Katlama, R.L. Murphy, K. Squires, J. Gatell, A. Horban, B. Clotet, S. Staszewski, A. van Eeden, N. Clumecki, M. Moroni, A.T. Pavia, R.E. Schmidt, J. Gonzalez-Lahoz, J. Montaner, F. Antunes, R. Gulick, D. Benhegyi, M. van der Valk, P. Reiss, L. van Weert, F.C. van Leth, V.A. Johnson, J-P. Sommadossi, J.M.A. Lange in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 987-999
125   Artikel: Evidence of changes in sexual behaviours among male factory workers in Ethiopia
Y. Mekonnen, M. Aklilu, A. Tsegaye, T.F. Rinke de Wit, D. Wolday, R.B. Geskus, R.A. Coutinho, A.L. Fontanet in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 223-231
126   Artikel: Simple markers for initiating antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected Ethiopians
Y. Mekonnen, N.H.T.M. Dukers, E.J. Sanders, W. Dorigo, D. Wolday, A. Schaap, R.B. Geskus, R.A. Coutinho, A.L. Fontanet in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 815-819
127   Artikel: Virological rebound after suppression on highly active antiretroviral therapy
A. Mocroft, L. Ruiz, P. Reiss, B. Ledergerber, C. Katlama, A. Lazzarin, F.D. Goebel, A.N. Phillips, B. Clotet, J.D. Lundgren in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 1741-1751
128   Artikel: Effects of CCR5-Delta32 and CCR2-64I alleles on HIV-1 disease progression: the protection varies with duration of infection
S.A. Mulherin, Th.R. O'Brien, J.P.A. Ioannidis, J.J. Goedert, S.P. Buchbinder, R.A. Coutinho, B.D. Jamieson, L. Meyer, N.L. Michael, G. Pantaleo, G.P. Rizzardi, H. Schuitemaker, H.W. Sheppard, I.D. Theodorou, D. Vlahov, Ph.S. Rosenberg in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 377-387
129   Artikel: Electronic monitoring of adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy changes medication-taking behaviour? (letter)
P.T. Nieuwkerk in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 1417-1418
130   Artikel: How bad is HAART for the HEART?
P. Reiss in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 2529-2531