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101   Article: Perceived viral load, but not actual HIV-1-RNA load, is associated with sexual risk behaviour among HIV infected homosexual men
I.S. Stolte, J.B.F. de Wit, A. van Eeden, R.A. Coutinho, N.H.T.M. Dukers in: AIDS, Vol. 18 (2004), p. 1943-1949
102   Article: Increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes in HIV-infected women treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy in Europe
C. Thorne, D. Patel, M.-L. Newell, : Study group members AMC, H.J. Scherpbier, M. Kreyenbroek, K. Boer in: AIDS, Vol. 18 (2004), p. 2337-2339
103   Article: Differences in HIV RNA levels before the initiation of antiretroviral therapy among 1864 individuals with known HIV-1 seroconversion dates
G. Touloumi, N. Pantazis, A.G. Babiker, S.A. Walker, O. Katsarou, A. Karafouklidou, A. Hatzakis, K. Porter, : Study group members AMC, L.C.H.I. van Asten, B.H.B. van Benthem, M. Prins, R.A. Coutinho in: AIDS, Vol. 18 (2004), p. 1697-1705
104   Article: Primary HIV infection as source of HIV transmission within steady and casual partnerships among homosexual men
M. Xiridou, R.B. Geskus, J.B.F. de Wit, R.A. Coutinho, M. Kretzschmar in: AIDS, Vol. 18 (2004), p. 1311-1320
105   Article: Resistance and adherence - Based on a meeting by the Global HIV/AIDS program of the World Bank in collaboration with WHO and the International HIV Treatment Access Coalition (ITAC), 17-18 June 2003
D. Zewdie, J.M.A. Lange, D. Kuritzkes in: AIDS, Vol. 18 (2004), p. S1-S3
106   Article: HIV prevalence in 72 000 urban and rural male army recruits, Ethiopia
Y. Abebe, A. Schaap, G Mamo, A. Negussie, B. Darimo, D. Wolday, E.J. Sanders in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 1835-1840
107   Article: Continued indinavir versus switching to indinavir/ritonavir in HIV-infected patients with suppressed viral load
J.A. Arnaiz, J. Mallolas, D. Podzamczer, P. Cahn, G. Fatkenheuer, A. d' Arminio Monforte, A. Casiro, P. Reiss, D.M. Burger, M. Stek, J. Gatell in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 831-840
108   Article: Tuberculosis risk varies with the duration of HIV infection: a prospective study of European drug users with known date of HIV seroconversion
L.C.H.I. van Asten, M.W. Langendam, R. Zangerle, I. Hernandez Aguado, F. Boufassa, V. Schiffer, R.P. Brettle, J.R. Robertson, A.L. Fontanet, R.A. Coutinho, M. Prins in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 1201-1208
109   Article: The effect of dual infection with HIV and malaria on pregnancy outcome in western Kenya
J.G. Ayisi, A.M. van Eijk, F.O. ter Kuile, M.S. Kolczak, J.A. Otieno, A.O. Misore, P.A. Kager, R.W. Steketee, B.L. Nahlen in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 585-594
110   Article: Therapeutic drug monitoring of nelfinavir and indinavir in treatment-naive HIV-1-infected individuals
D. Burger, P.W.H. Hugen, P. Reiss, I.C. Gyssens, M. Schneider, F. Kroon, G. Schreij, K. Brinkman, C. Richter, J.M. Prins, R.E. Aarnoutse, J.M.A. Lange in: AIDS, Vol. 17 (2003), p. 1157-1165