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Publication list

UvA - 2007

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81  download 188916 Report: Technology and knowledge-based development. Helsinki metropolitan area as a creative region. Pathways to creative knowledge-based regions
T. Inkinen, M. Vaattovaara (2007)
82   Article: Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem in an Aging Colloidal Glass
S. Jabbari Farouji, D. Mizuno, M. Atakhorrami, F.C. MacKintosh, C.F. Schmidt, E. Eiser, G.H. Wegdam, D. Bonn in: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 98 (2007), p. 108302/1-108302/4
83   Article: Labelling the ‘neighbourhood’: towards a genesis of the European neighbourhood policy
J. Jeandesboz in: Journal of International Relations and Development, Vol. 10 (2007), p. 387-416
84   Chapter: 'Between Text and Context. An Interpretation of Three Patriotic Plays by Anna P. Muller-Westerman'
L.E. Jensen in: Dutch Literature and Culture in an Age of Transition. The Berkeley Conference on Dutch Literature 2005 (2007), p. 73-87
85  download 134246 Article: Nabije Oosten: kracht en praal
G. Jurriaans-Helle, R. Leenheer in: Mededelingenblad Vereniging van Vrienden van het Allard Pierson Museum, Vol. 95/96 (2007), p. 9-14
86   Article: Impact of pore size on the vascularisation and osseointegration of ceramic bone substitute in vivo
F.M. Klenke, Y. Liu, H. Yuan, E.B. Hunziker, K.A. Siebenrock, W. Hofstetter in: J BIOMED MATER RES A (2007)
87   Article: Inleiding
R.C. Kloosterman, J van der Leun, J.C. Rath in: Migrantenstudies, Vol. 23 (2007), p. 72-75
88   Book: Kleurrijke professoren / Colourful professors
P.J. Knegtmans, E.S. Bergvelt, M. Schilder (2007), 150 p.
89   Article: Translation procedures for standardised quality of life questionnaires: The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) approach
M. Koller, N.K. Aaronson, J. Blazeby, A. Bottomley, L. Dewolf, P. Fayers, C. Johnson, J. Ramage, N. Scott, K. West in: EUR J CANCER, Vol. 43 (2007), p. 1810-1820
90  download 188910 Report: Budapest: From state socialism to global capitalism. Pathways to creative and knowledge-based regions
Z. Kovács, T. Egedy, Z. Földi, K. Keresztély, B. Szabó (2007)