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Publication list

UvA - 2007

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71   Book review: 
J.W. van Henten in: Review of Biblical Literature (2007), p. -4 p., Religion and the Self in Antiquity
72   Chapter: 'Noble Death in Josephus: Just Rhetoric?'
J.W. van Henten in: Making History: Josephus and Historical Method, Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism 110 (2007), p. 195-218
73   Chapter: 'The Hasmonean Period'
J.W. van Henten in: Redemption and Resistance: the Messianic Hopes of Jews and Christians in Antiquity (2007), p. 15-28
74   Chapter: Diverse entries waaronder 'Aristeas Exegete', 'Demetrius Chronographer', 'Eupolemus' e.a.
J.W. van Henten in: Encyclopedia of Religious and Philosophical Writings in Late Antiquity (2007)
75   Article: European Contract Law: a Matter of Consumer Protection, Citizenship, or Justice?
M.W. Hesselink in: European Review of Private Law, Vol. 15 (2007), p. 323-348
76   Article: Level of agreement between patient self-report and observer ratings of health-related quality of life communication in oncology
D.L. Hilarius, P. Kloeg, S.B. Detmar, M.J. Muller, N.K. Aaronson in: Patient Education and Counseling, Vol. 65 (2007), p. 95-100
77   Article: Discovering stages in web navigation for problem-oriented navigation support. To appear in: User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction (UMUAI), special issue on Statistical and Probabilistic Methods for User Modeling
V. Hollink, M.W. van Someren, B.J. Wielinga in: USER MODEL USER-ADAP (2007)
78   Article: Optimization of high-quality total RNA isolation from different cartilaginous tissues
C.L. Huang, L.A. Vonk, R.J. Kroeze, Z. Lu, M.N. Helder, P.I.J.M. Wuisman, B. Zandieh Doulabi in: TISSUE ENG, Vol. 13 (2007), p. 1738-1738
79  download 153807 Article: More appropriate information systems and services for the social scientist: time to put our findings to work
R.L. Hunsucker in: Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, Vol. 2 (2007), p. 95-103
80  download 153809 Chapter: The theory and practice of evidence-based information work: one world?
R.L. Hunsucker in: Transforming the Profession, EBLIP4, Evidence-based Library & Information Practice: May 6-11, 2007, Chapel Hill-Durham, NC: papers (2007), p. [1-70]