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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2011

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411   Chapter: Marihuana behind and beyond coffeeshops
D.J. Korf in: World wide weed: global trends in cannabis cultivation and its control (2011), p. 181-195
412   Chapter: Psychedelic musicians, Muslim dealers and domestic marijuana growers: an introduction
D.J. Korf in: Markets, methods and messages: dynamics in European drug research (2011), p. 11-20
413   Book: Roemenen in Nederland
D.J. Korf, K. Wesselink, D. Perie (2011), 131 p.
414  download 342598 Report: The return of the underground retail cannabis market? Attitudes of Dutch coffeeshop owners and cannabis users to the proposed ‘cannabis ID’ and the consequences they expect
D.J. Korf, M. Wouters, A. Benschop (2011), p. 4
415  download 484125 Report: Digitalisering van audiovisueel materiaal door erfgoedinstellingen: modellen voor licenties en vergoedingen
D.A. Korteweg, P.B. Hugenholtz, J. Poort (2011), p. 68
416  download 496406 Article: Able, willing and knowing: the effects of HR practices on commitment and effort in 26 European countries
F. Koster in: International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 22 (2011), p. 2835-2851
417  download 448479 Report: Labour market models in the EU
F. Koster, J. McQuinn, I. Siedschlag, O. van Vliet (2011), p. 26
418  download 342920 Annotation: JV 2011, 401, (rolnummer: AWB 11/21417 TWV, LJN BR2786)
P.J. Krop in: Jurisprudentie Vreemdelingenrecht, Vol. 12, rolnummer: AWB 11/21417 TWV, LJN BR2786 (2011), p. 1732-1740
419   Chapter: La jurisprudence Usine Mox, est-elle symptomatique d'un dialogue de sourds entre la CJCE et les autres juridictions internationales?
P.J. Kuijper in: Forum shopping et concurrence des procédures contentieuses internationales (2011), p. 251-288
420   Chapter: The Court of Justice and unrecognized entities under international law
P.J. Kuijper in: Trade and competition law in the EU and beyond (2011), p. 257-275