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Publication list

Faculty of Law - 2007

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31   Article: Nederland (...) is een klein land, dus het heeft veel buitenland
C.M. Brölmann in: Gids voor de rechtenstudie en juridische beroepen (2007), p. 24-26
32   Book: The Institutional Veil in Public International Law. International Organisations and the Law of Treaties
C.M. Brölmann (2007), 330 p.
33   Article: The International Court of Justice and International Organisations
C.M. Brölmann in: International Community Law Review, Vol. 9 (2007), p. 181-186
34   Dissertation: Franchising in European contract law : a comparison between the main obligations of the contracting parties in the Principles of European Law on Commercial Agency, Franchise and Distribution Contracts (PEL CAFDC), French and Spanish law
O. Bueno Diaz (2007), p. 213
35   Report: Globalization and working time: Work-place hours and flexibility in Germany
B. Burgoon, D. Raess (2007), p. 45
36   Book: Hoofdzaken Belastingrecht (9th edition)
R.P.C. Cornelisse, N. Idsinga, W.A.P. Nieuwenhuizen, F.P.J. Snel, B.J.M. Terra, P.J. Wattel (2007), 462 p.
37   Chapter: Collective consumer actions: a competition law perspective
K.J. Cseres in: Collective Consumer Interests and How They are Served Best in Europe; Legal aspects and policy issues on the border between private law and public policy (2007)
38   Chapter: Consumers’ access to justice in the new E.U. member states
K.J. Cseres in: Vergelijkend Wijs (2007), p. 37-58
39   Chapter: Contribution on Hungarian law
K.J. Cseres in: The Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe (2007)
40   Article: Multi-jurisdictional competition law enforcement: the interface between European competition law and the competition laws of the new Member States
K.J. Cseres in: European Competition Journal, Vol. 3 (2007), p. 465-502