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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2012

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61   Article: Application of NMR-based metabonomics suggests a relationship between betaine absorption and elevated creatine plasma concentrations in catheterised sows.
C.C. Yde, J.A. Westerhuis, H.C. Bertram, K.E. Bach Knudsen in: Br J Nutr, Vol. 107 (2012), p. 1603-1615
62  download 448373 Article: Transcriptome analysis of a long-lived natural Drosophila variant: a prominent role of stress- and reproduction-genes in lifespan extension.
A. Doroszuk, M.J. Jonker, N. Pul, T.M. Breit, B.J. Zwaan in: BMC Genomics, Vol. 13 (2012), p. 31
63   Article: Evolutionary catalyst screening: iridium-catalyzed imine hydrogenation
A.M. Kluwer, R.J. Detz, Z. Abiri, A.M. van der Burg, J.N.H. Reek in: Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, Vol. 354 (2012), p. 89-95
64   Article: Supramolecular hydrogen-bonding tautomeric sulfonamido-phosphinamides: a perfect P-chirogenic memory
F.W. Patureau, M.A. Siegler, A.L. Spek, A.J. Sandee, S. JugĂ©, S. Aziz, A. Berkessel, J.N.H. Reek in: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 2012 (2012), p. 496-503
65  download 450448 Article: Transferable basis sets of numerical atomic orbitals
M.J. Louwerse, G. Rothenberg in: Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012), p. 8
66   Article: Editorial on "Critical overview of selected contemporary sample preparation techniques" by L. Ramos
P.J. Schoenmakers in: Journal of Chromatography A, Vol. 1221 (2012), p. 83-83
67   Article: Continuous-flow reactor-based enzymatic synthesis of phosphorylated compounds on a large scale
L. Babich, A.F. Hartog, M.A. van der Horst, R. Wever in: Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol. 18 (2012), p. 6604-6609
68   Article: Multiple homogeneous immunoassays based on a quantum dots-gold nanorods FRET nanoplatform
Q. Zeng, Y. Zhang, X. Liu, L. Tu, X. Kong, H. Zhang in: Chemical Communications, Vol. 48 (2012), p. 1781-1783
69   Article: Closed-shell and open-shell square-planar iridium nitrido complexes
M.G. Scheibel, B. Askevold, F.W. Heinemann, E.J. Reijerse, B. de Bruin, S. Schneider in: Nature Chemistry, Vol. 4 (2012), p. 552-558
70   Article: Machine learning for vessel trajectories using compression, alignments and domain knowledge
G.K.D. de Vries, M. van Someren in: Expert Systems With Applications, Vol. 39 (2012), p. 13426-13439