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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2010

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511  download 205752 Article: Dynamic metabolomic data analysis: a tutorial review
A.K. Smilde, J.A. Westerhuis, H.C.J. Hoefsloot, S. Bijlsma, C.M. Rubingh, D.J. Vis, R.H. Jellema, H. Pijl, F. Roelfsema, J. van der Greef in: Metabolomics, Vol. 6 (2010), p. 3-17
512   Chapter: Network resource selection for data transfer processes in scientific workflows
Z. Zhao, P. Grosso, R. Koning, J. van der Ham, C. de Laat in: The 5th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (2010)
513   Article: Brominated flame retardants and perfluorinated compounds in indoor dust from homes and offices in Flanders, Belgium
W. D'Hollander, L. Roosens, A. Covaci, C. Cornelis, H. Reynders, K. Van Campenhout, P. de Voogt, L. Bervoets in: Chemosphere, Vol. 81 (2010), p. 478-487
514  download 208000 Article: Phylogeography, genetic diversity and structure of the poecilosclerid sponge Phorbas fictitius at oceanic islands
J.R. Xavier, R.W.M. van Soest, J.A.J. Breeuwer, A.M.F. Martins, S.B.J. Menken in: Contributions to Zoology, Vol. 79 (2010), p. 119-129
515   Article: Geometry and physics
M. Atiyah, R. Dijkgraaf, N. Hitchin in: Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, mathematical, physical and engineering sciences, Vol. 368 (2010), p. 913-926
516   Article: Perspectives on grid computing
U. Schwiegelshohn, R.M. Badia, M.T. Bubak, M. Danelutto, S. Dustdar, F. Gagliardi, A. Geiger, L. Hluchy, D. Kranzlmüller, E. Laure, T. Priol, A. Reinefeld, M. Resch, A. Reuter, O. Rienhoff, T. Rüter, P. Sloot, D. Talia, K. Ullmann, R. Yahyapour, G. von Voigt in: Future Generation Computer Systems, Vol. 26 (2010), p. 1104-1115
517  download 207974 Article: Extracting causal relations on HIV drug resistance from literature
Q.C. Bui, B. Ó Nualláin, C.A. Boucher, P.M.A. Sloot in: BMC Bioinformatics, Vol. 11 (2010), p. 101-
518   Article: Other tetraploid species and conspecific diploids as sources of genetic variation for an autotetraploid
M. Stift, R. Bregman, J.G.B. Oostermeijer, P.H. van Tienderen in: American Journal of Botany, Vol. 97 (2010), p. 1858-1866
519   Article: Frobenius manifolds, projective special geometry and Hitchin systems
C. Hertling, L. Hoevenaars, H. Posthuma in: Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (2010), p. 117-165
520   Report: Degenerate stars and gravitational collapse in AdS/CFT
X. Arsiwala, J. de Boer, K. Papadodimas, E. Verlinde (2010), p. 77