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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2009

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511   Article: The chiral ring of AdS3/CFT2 and the attractor mechanism
J. de Boer, J. Manschot, K. Papadodimas, E. Verlinde in: The Journal of High Energy Physics (2009), p. 030-
512   Article: Topological phases: Wormholes in quantum matter
K. Schoutens in: Nature Physics, Vol. 5 (2009), p. 784-785
513   Article: On the interpretation of the globular cluster luminosity function
J.M.D. Kruijssen, S.F. Portegies Zwart in: Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 698 (2009), p. L158-L162
514   Article: XMM-Newton discovery of 2.6 s pulsations in the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1627–41
P. Esposito, A. Tiengo, S. Mereghetti, G.L. Israel, A. De Luca, D. Götz, N. Rea, R. Turolla, S. Zane in: Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 690 (2009), p. L105-L109
515   Article: An energetic AGN outburst powered by a rapidly spinning supermassive black hole or an accreting ultramassive black hole
B.R. McNamara, F. Kazemzadeh, D.A. Rafferty, L. Bîrzan, P.E.J. Nulsen, C.C. Kirkpatrick, M.W. Wise in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 698 (2009), p. 594-605
516  download 190097 Article: Continued hard X-ray activity from AXP/SGR 1E1547.0-5408 (INTEGRAL)
P.R. den Hartog, L. Kuiper, W. Hermsen in: The astronomer's telegram, Vol. 1922 (2009)
517   Article: Strong bursts from the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 1547.0–5408 observed with the INTEGRAL/SPI Anti-Coincidence Shield
S. Mereghetti, D. Götz, G. Weidenspointner, A. von Kienlin, P. Esposito, A. Tiengo, G. Vianello, G.L. Israel, L. Stella, R. Turolla, N. Rea, S. Zane in: Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 696 (2009), p. L74-L78
518  download 190344 Article: VLT/NACO near-infrared observations of the transient radio magnetar 1E 1547.0-5408
R.P. Mignani, N. Rea, V. Testa, G.L. Israel, G. Marconi, S. Mereghetti, P. Jonker, R. Turolla, R. Perna, S. Zane, G. Lo Curto, S. Chaty in: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 497 (2009), p. 451-455
519  download 190690 Article: A new perspective on GCRT J1745-3009
H. Spreeuw, B. Scheers, R. Braun, R.A.M.J. Wijers, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, B.W. Stappers, R.P. Fender in: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 502 (2009), p. 549-558
520   Article: On the incidence of magnetic fields in slowly pulsating B, beta Cephei and B-type emission-line stars
J. Silvester, C. Neiner, H.F. Henrichs, G.A. Wade, V. Petit, E. Alecian, A.L. Huat, C. Martayan, J. Power, O. Thizy in: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 398 (2009), p. 1505-1511