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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2009

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251   Book editorial: Advances in focused retrieval: 7th International Workshop of the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval, INEX 2008, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, December 15-18, 2008: Revised and selected papers
S. Geva, J. Kamps, A. Trotman (2009), p. xiv, 484
252   Book editorial: Proceedings of the SIGIR 2009 Workshop on the Future of IR Evaluation
S. Geva, J. Kamps, C. Peters, T. Sakai, A. Trotman, E. Voorhees (2009), p. x, 44
253   Chapter: Hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system
D.F. Swaab, P.J. Lucassen in: Encyclopedia of neuroscience (2009), p. 1888-1892
254   Chapter: Neuroendocrinology of psychiatric disorders
A.M Bao, P.J. Lucassen, D.F. Swaab in: Encyclopedia of neuroscience (2009), p. 2641-2645
255   Chapter: Cortical development - Disorders
P.J. Lucassen, K. Boekhoorn, F. Francis in: Encyclopedia of neuroscience (2009), p. 894-896
256   Article: Homological algebra for affine Hecke algebras
E. Opdam, M. Solleveld in: Advances in Mathematics, Vol. 220 (2009), p. 1549-1601
257  download 171002 Article: Are adaptation costs necessary to build up a local adaptation pattern?
S. Magalhães, E. Blanchet, M. Egas, I. Olivieri in: BMC Evolutionary Biology, Vol. 9 (2009), p. 182-
258   Chapter: Design and implementation of an e-class about continuous dynamical systems
A. Heck, H. Houwing, J. Val, L. Ekimova, G. Papageorgiou in: e-Proceedings of the 6th Joining Educational Mathematics (JEM) workshop (2009)
259  download 170995 Article: A feedback fluid queue with two congestion control thresholds
R. Malhotra, M.R.H. Mandjes, W.R.W. Scheinhardt, J.L. van den Berg in: Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, Vol. 70 (2009), p. 149-169
260  download 171019 Article: Resource dimensioning through buffer sampling
M. Mandjes, R. van de Meent in: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol. 17 (2009), p. 1631-1644