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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2008

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261  download 125395 Article: Periodic flooding restrains local succession of microphytobenthos in floodplain lakes
E. van der Grinten, W. Admiraal, M.H.S. Kraak in: Fundamental and Applied Limnology. (Archiv für Hydrobiologie.), Vol. 173 (2008), p. 227-236
262   Chapter: Using centrality to rank web snippets
V. Jijkoun, M. de Rijke in: Advances in multilingual and multimodal information retrieval: 8th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2007, Budapest, Hungary, September 19-21, 2007: Revised selected papers (2008), p. 737-741
263   Chapter: Modal fixed-point logic and changing models
J. van Benthem, D. Ikegami in: Pillars of computer science: Essays dedicated to Boris (Boaz) Trakhtenbrot on the occasion of his 85th birthday (2008), p. 146-165
264   Book editorial: Philosophy of information
P. Adriaans, J. van Benthem (2008), p. xii, 807
265   Dissertation: Secrets in xylem : function, gene expression and processing of SIXI : a Fusarium oxysporum effector protein encoded on a mobile pathogenicity chromosome
H.C. van der Does (2008), p. 170
266  download 126634 Article: A new species of Phrynobatrachus (Amphibia: Anura: Phrynobatrachidae) from north-western Guinea, West Africa
A. Hillers, B. Zimkus, M.-O. Rödel in: Zootaxa, Vol. 1815 (2008), p. 43-50
267  download 126625 Article: Functional interaction between the hippocampus and nucleus accumbens shell is necessary for the acquisition of appetitive spatial context conditioning
R. Ito, T.W. Robbins, C.M. Pennartz, B.J. Everitt in: Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 28 (2008), p. 6950-6959
268  download 126606 Article: Structures of mono-unsaturated triacylglycerols. V. The β'1-2, β'-3 and β2-3 polymorphs of 1,3-dilauroyl-2-oleoylglycerol (LaOLa) from synchrotron and laboratory powder diffraction data
J.B. van Mechelen, K. Goubitz, M. Pop, R. Peschar, H. Schenk in: Acta Crystallographica. Section B, Vol. B64 (2008), p. 771-779
269  download 126632 Article: A preliminary assessment of the amphibians of the Fouta Djallon, Guinea, West Africa
A. Hillers, N.-S. Loua, M.-O. Rödel in: Salamandra, Vol. 44 (2008), p. 113-122
270  download 126619 Article: An analysis of sponge diversity and distribution at three taxonomic levels in the Thousand Islands/Jakarta Bay reef complex, West-Java, Indonesia
N.J. de Voogd, D.F.R. Cleary in: Marine Ecology, Vol. 29 (2008), p. 205-215