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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2006

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1141   Article: The presence of GC-AG introns in N. crassa and other euascomycetes determined from analyses of complete genomes: implications for automated gene prediction.
M. Rep, R.G.E. Duyvesteijn, L. Gale, T. Usgaard, B.J.C. Cornelissen, L.J. Ma, T.J. Ward in: GENOMICS, Vol. 87 (2006), p. 338-347
1142   Article: Significance of inducible defense-related proteins in infected plants.
L.C. van Loon, M. Rep, C. Pieterse in: Annual Review of Phytopathology, Vol. 44 (2006), p. 7.1-7.28
1143   Article: Interaction between two murein (peptidoglycan) synthases, PBP3 and PBP1B, in Escherichia coli.
U. Bertsche, T. Kast, B. Wolf, C. Fraipont, M.E.G. Aarsman, K. Kannenberg, M. von Rechenberg, M. Nguyen-Distèche, T. den Blaauwen, J-V. Höltje, W. Vollmer in: Molecular Microbiology, Vol. 61 (2006), p. 675-690
1144   Article: Resistance proteins: molecular switches of plant defence.
F.L.W. Takken, M. Albrecht, W.I.L. Tameling in: Current Opinion in Plant Biology, Vol. 9 (2006), p. 383-390
1145   Article: Update on the domain architectures of NLRs and R proteins.
M. Albrecht, F.L.W. Takken in: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol. 339 (2006), p. 459-462
1146   Chapter: The NB-ARC domain of R proteins acts as a molecular switch regulating plant innate immunity.
F.L.W. Takken, W.I.L. Tameling, J.H. Vossen, M. Albrecht, J.A. Berden, G. van Ooijen, B.J.C. Cornelissen in: Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions. (2006), p. 225-230-
1147   Article: Simultaneous visualization of spatial and chromatic aberrations by two-dimensional Fourier transform spectral interferometry.
W. Amir, T.A. Planchon, C.G. Durfee, J. Squier, P. Gabolde, R. Trebino, M. Müller in: Optics Letters, Vol. 31 (2006), p. 2927-2929
1148   Article: Anomalous behavior in the third harmonic generation z response through dispersion induced shape changes and matching X(3).
R.S. Pillai, G.J. Brakenhoff, M. Müller in: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 89 (2006), p. 111123-1-111123-3
1149   Article: Serotonin 5-HT(3) receptors in the central nervous system
P.J.P. Chameau, J.A. van Hooft in: Cell and Tissue Research, Vol. 326 (2006), p. 573-581
1150   Article: Spectroscopic analysis of the oxygenation state of hemoglobin using coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering.
H.A. Rinia, M. Bonn, E.M. Vartiainen, C.B. Schaffer, M. Müller in: Journal of Biomedical Optics, Vol. 11(5) (2006), p. 050502-1-050502-3