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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2003

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311   Article: Enhanced seed germination and seedling growth of Tillandsia eizii in vitro
K.A. Pickens, J.M. Affolter, H.Y. Wetzstein, J.H.D. Wolf in: HORTSCIENCE, Vol. 18 (2003), p. 101-104
312   Article: Patterns in species richness and distribution of vascular epiphytes in Chiapas, Mexico
J.H.D. Wolf, A. Flamenco-S. in: Journal of Biogeography, Vol. 30 (2003), p. 1689-1707
313  download 101596 Dissertation: Metabolic and cometabolic biodegradation of PAHs.
R. van Herwijnen (2003), p. 158
314   Article: Intraspecific variation in induction of feeding preference and performance in a herbivorous mite
W.L. Magowski, C.J.M. Egas, J. Bruin, M.W. Sabelis in: Experimental and Applied Acarology, Vol. 29 (2003), p. 13-25
315   Article: Experimental evidence for a non-clock role of the circadian system in spider-mite photoperiodism
A. Veerman, R.L. Veenendaal in: Journal of Insect Physiology, Vol. 49 (2003), p. 727-732
316   Article: Interglacial-glacial Fuquene-3 pollen record from Colombia: an Eemian to Holocene climate record.
T. van der Hammen, H. Hooghiemstra in: Global and Planetary Change, Vol. 760 (2003), p. 1-19
317   Article: Quaternary ice age dynamics in the Colombian Andes: developing and understanding of our legacy.
H. Hooghiemstra in: Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, Vol. 449 (2003), p. 35-43
318   Article: Comparisons of changes in vegetation in northeast Greece with records of climate variability on orbital and suborbital frequencies over the last 450 000 years.
P.C. Tzedakis, J.F. McManus, H. Hooghiemstra, D.W. Oppo, T.A. Wijmstra in: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 212 (2003), p. 197-212
319   Chapter: Legacy of Quaternary ice ages in the neotropics: shaping Andean flora and vegetation
H. Hooghiemstra in: Programme and Abstracts, Discussion Meeting `The Evolutionary legacy of the Ice ages', Royal Society, London (2003), p. 4-5
320   Chapter: Eurobase, Progress Report and First Impressions on Bird Species
A. Dekker, J.R. van Gasteren, J. Shamoun-Baranes in: Proceedings IBSC Conference (2003), p. 225-237