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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2001

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21   Article: Intermolecular proton transfer from visible laser light-excited indene radical cations to reference bases in the gas phase.
F.H.W. van Amerom, D. van Duijn, W.J. van der Hart, N.M.M. Nibbering in: International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, Vol. 197 (2001), p. 211-217
22  download 445335 Dissertation: Quantification under Conceptual Covers
M. Aloni (2001), p. 204
23   Chapter: Molecular wires containing metal complexes
L. De Cola, P. Belser in: Electron Transfer in Chemistry (2001), p. 97-136
24   Article: Co-consumption of sugars or ethanol and glucose in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain deleted in the HXK2 gene
L.M. Raamsdonk, J.A. Diderich, A. Kuiper, M.C.M. van Gaalen, A.L. Kruckeberg, J.A. Berden, K. van Dam in: Yeast, Vol. 18 (2001), p. 1023-1033
25   Article: Physiological properties of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from which hexokinase II has been deleted.
J.A. Diderich, L.M. Raamsdonk, A.L. Kruckeberg, J.A. Berden, K. van Dam in: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol. 67 (2001), p. 1587-1593
26   Article: Covalent modification of the noncatalytic sites of the H+-ATPase from Chloroplasts with 2-azido-[a-32P]ADP and its effect on ATP synthesis and ATP hydrolysis.
F. Possmayer, A.F. Hartog, J.A. Berden, P. Graber in: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Biomembranes, Vol. 1510 (2001), p. 378-400
27   Article: A functional genomics strategy that uses metabolome data to reveal the phenotype of silent mutations.
L.M. Raamsdonk, B. Teusink, D. Broadhurst, N. Zhang, A. Hayes, M.C. Walsh, J.A. Berden, K.M. Brindle, D.B. Kell, J.J. Rowland, H.V. Westerhoff, K. van Dam, S.G. Oliver in: Nature Biotechnology, Vol. 19 (2001), p. 45-50
28   Article: Alkalispirillum mobile gen. nov., spec. nov., an alkaliphilic non-phototrophic member of the Ectothiorhodospiraceae.
M.J.A. Rijkenberg, R. Kort, K.J. Hellingwerf in: Archives of Microbiology, Vol. 175 (2001), p. 369-375
29   Article: The role of the N-terminal domain of photoactive yellow protein in the transient partial unfolding during signalling state formation.
M.A. van der Horst, I.H.M. van Stokkum, W. Crielaard, K.J. Hellingwerf in: FEBS Letters, Vol. 497 (2001), p. 26-30
30  download 445595 Dissertation: The phosphoketolase pathway in Lactobacillus pentosus.
C.C. Posthuma (2001), p. 146