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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1999

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21   Article: Enantioselective synthesis of a key tricyclic intermediate en route to (+)-gelsemine.
J. Dijkink, J.C. Cintrat, W.N. Speckamp, H. Hiemstra in: Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 40 (1999), p. 5919-5922
22   Article: Reduction of aryl acids by white-rot fungi for the biocatalytic production of aryl aldehydes and alcohols
A. Hage, H.E. Schoemaker, J.A. Field in: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol. 52 (1999), p. 834-838
23   Article: Application of an organozinc reagent derived from (S)-pyroglutamic acid: a formal synthesis of epibatidine
W.F.J. Karstens, M.J. Moolenaar, F.P.J.T. Rutjes, U. Grabowska, W.N. Speckamp, H. Hiemstra in: Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 40 (1999), p. 8629-8632
24   Article: Allcis hentriaconta-9,15,22-triene in microbial mats formed by the phototrophic prokaryote Chloroflexus.
M.T.J. van der Meer, S. Schouten, D.M. Ward, J.A.J. Geenevasen, J.S.S. Damste in: Organic Geochemistry, Vol. 30 (1999), p. 1585-1587
25   Article: Synthesis of homoallylic amines via N-acyliminium ion reactions on solid support.
W.J.N. Meester, F.P.J.T. Rutjes, P.H.H. Hermkens, H. Hiemstra in: Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 40 (1999), p. 1601-1604
26  download 470037 Dissertation: Sponge-coral interactions on Caribbean reefs
L.A.M. Aerts (1999), p. 157
27   Article: Species dynamics in phytoplankton blooms : incomplete mixing and competition for light.
J. Huisman, P. van Oostveen, F.J. Weissing in: American Naturalist, Vol. 154 (1999), p. 46-68
28   Article: Competition for light between phytoplankton species : experimental tests of mechanistic theory
J. Huisman, R.R. Jonker, C. Zonneveld, F.J. Weissing in: Ecology, Vol. 80 (1999), p. 211-222
29   Article: Specific growth rate of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Chlorella sorokiniana under medium duration light/dark cycles: 13-87 s.
M. Janssen, T.C. Kuijpers, B. Veldhoen, M.B. Ternbach, J. Tramper, L.R. Mur, R.H. Wijffels in: Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 70 (1999), p. 323-333
30   Article: Characterization of a novel chlorophyll b-containing Prochlorothrix specie (Prochlorophyta) and its photosynthetic apparatus.
A.V. Pinevich, O.M. Skulberg, H.C.P. Matthijs, H. Schubert, E. Wil, O.V. Gavrilova, N. Velichko in: MICROBIOS, Vol. 100 (1999), p. 159-174