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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1998

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991   Report: An architecture for software maintenance
M.P.A. Sellink, C. Verhoef (1998)
992   Report: Two recursive generalisations of iteration in process algebra
J.A. Bergstra, A. Ponse (1998)
993   Report: Restructuring of\ textsc(cobol/cics) legacy systems
M.P.A. Sellink, H.M. Sneed, C. Verhoef (1998)
994   Report: Program algebra for component code
J.A. Bergstra, M.E. Loots (1998)
995   Report: The Rhine basis sediment supply model: the quality of morphometric input parameters and snowmelt modelling. Progress Report, November 1998, NRP Project no. 952210.
P.M. van Dijk (1998)
996   Report: Micromorphology of sediments from the eastern Antarctic continental shelf: selected samples.
J.F. Hiemstra, J.J.M. van der Meer (1998)
997   Report: Micromorphological studies of Antarctic sediments - 1980 and 1985 Deep Freeze cores revisited.
J.F. Hiemstra (1998)
998   Report: ERMES II (Env4-CT95-0181) Environmental response of Mediterranean Eco-Systems. An integrated methodology for projecting the impact of climate change and ecosystem degradation in the Mediterranean: a climatological gradient and dynamic systems approach.
A.C. Imeson (1998)
999   Report: Medalus III Project 1. ENV4-CT9-0115 Second Annual Report.
A.C. Imeson (1998)
1000   Report: Field Report: Dutch participation in Danish Myrdallsjokull Expedition 1997.
J.J.M. van der Meer (1998)