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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1996

1161 to 1170 of 1937
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1161   Chapter: Roentgen Technology in medidine: National processes of specialty formation as contexts for radiological research.
H.J. Hiddinga in: Soc. for the Hist. of Techn. Abstract Document (1996), p. 47a-
1162   Article: Het onvoorspelbare gevecht tegen de zaadcel; onderzoek naar immunologische anticonceptie
J.R. van Kammen in: Vrouw en Gezondheidszorg, Vol. 5 (1996), p. 4-5
1163   Chapter: Space-Energy Trade-off in Reversible Simulations
M. Li, P.M.B. Vitanyi in: 4th Workshop on Physics and Computation (1996)
1164   Chapter: Het milieudenken in ketern
J. mw Cramer in: Ketenlogistiek (1996), p. 19-23
1165   Article: A model for the take-back of discarded consumer electronic products
J. mw Cramer, A. Stevels in: Engineering science and education journal, Vol. 5 (1996), p. 165-169
1166   Chapter: The integration of environmental issues into product design strategies
J. mw Cramer in: The 1996 business and the environment conference proceedings (1996), p. 59-63
1167   Chapter: Ecological products, processes and life cycle issues
J. mw Cramer in: Creating wealth in harmony with the environment (1996), p. 74-85
1168   Article: Naar een duurzame intramurale zorg
J. mw Cramer in: Tijdschrift voor sociale gezondheidszorg, Vol. 74 (1996), p. 418-420
1169   Chapter: Pros and cons of optimising the life of consumer electronics products
J. mw Cramer in: Proceedings of the first international working seminar on reuse (1996), p. 73-84
1170   Article: Instruments and strategies to improve the eco-efficiency of products
J. mw Cramer in: Environmental Quality Management (1996), p. 58-65