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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1995

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191  download 43089 Article: Insertion Reactions Involving Palladium Complexes with Nitrogen Ligands, Part. I. Reactivity towards Carbon Monoxide of Methylpalladium (II) Complexes containing Bidentate a-Diimine Ligands; X-Ray Structures of Four Methyl- and Acylpalladium (II) Complex.
R.E. Ruelke, J.G.P. Delis, A.M. Groot, C.J. Elsevier, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen, K. Vrieze, K. Goubitz, H. Schenk in: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 508 (1995), p. 109-120
192   Article: Synthesis, Solid-state and Solution Structures of Bis{N,NE'-bis[2-thienyl)methylene]-1,2-diaminoethane}-silver(I) and -copper(I) Trifluoromthanesulfonate Complexes
J.F. Modder, R.J. Leijen, K. Vrieze, W.J.J. Smeets, A.L. Spek, G. van Koten in: Journal of the Chemical Society. Dalton Transactions: Inorganic Chemistry (1995), p. 4021-
193   Chapter: Reactions and Dynamics of Ru Clusters.
K. Vrieze, C.J. Elsevier in: The Synergy between Dynamics and Reactivitz at Clusters and Surfaces (1995), p. 95-
194   Article: Isocyanide Insertion into the Palladium-Carbon Bond of [PdMe(L-L)Cl] Complexes and the Reactivity of the Products toward Norbornadiene; X-Ray Crystal Structure of [Pd{C(=NCC6HC3MeC2-2,6)Me}(bpy)Cl] {L-L = bpy or phen]
J.G.P. Delis, P.G. Aubel, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen, K. Vrieze, N. Veldman, A.L. Spek in: Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications (1995), p. 2233-2234
195   Article: Phenotypic plasticity and parent/offspring regression of characters in inbred strains of Microseris douglasii (Asteraceae, Lactuceae)
K. Bachmann, T.F.M. Roelofs in: Biologisches Zentralblatt (1995), p. 67-82
196   Chapter: Nuclear DNA markers for the evolution of Microseris
K. Bachmann in: Experimental and Molecular Approaches to Plant Biosystematics. Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden, vol. 53 (1995), p. 15-25
197  download 33865 Article: RAPD mapping of three QTLs determining trichome formation in Microseris hybrid H27 (Asteraceae: Lactuceae)
J.E.M. Hombergen, K. Bachmann in: Theoretical and Applied Genetics (1995), p. 853-858
198  download 34045 Article: Synergistic activity of chitinases and beta-1,3-glucanases enhances fungal resistance in transgenic tomato plants
E. Jongedijk, H. Tigelaar, J.S.C. Roekel, S.A. Bres-Vloemans, I. Dekker, P.J.M. van den Elzen, B.J.C. Cornelissen, L.S. Melchers in: EUPHYTICA, Vol. 85 (1995), p. 173-180
199   Chapter: Glucosylation of fungal cell wall proteins as a potential target for novel antifungal agents
E.A.M. Schoffelmeer, J.C. Kapteijn, R.C. Montijn, B.J.C. Cornelissen, F.M. Klis in: Modern fungicides and antifungal compounds (1995), p. 157-162
200   Chapter: Characterisation of a genomic stinging nettle ChiV gene: expression and targeting studies in transgenic tobacco plants
M.P. Does, D. Ng, B.J.C. Cornelissen in: Book of abstracts, 4th international workshop on pathogenesis-related proteins in plants: biology and biotechmological potential (1995)