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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1994

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981   Article: Do carbohydrates play a role in the lignin peroxidase cycle? Redox catalysis in the endergonic region of the driving force.
H.E. Schoemaker, T.K. Lundell, T.A.G. Floris, T. Glumoff, K.H. Winterhalter, K. Piontek in: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, Vol. 2 (1994), p. 509-519
982  download 37771 Article: Further characterization of the spin-coupling observed in oxidized hydrogenase from Chromatium vinosum. A Mossbauer and multifrequency EPR study.
K.K. Surerus, M. Chen, J.W. van der Zwaan, F.M. Rusnak, M. Kolk, E.L. Duin, S.P.J. Albracht, E. Munck in: Biochemistry, Vol. 33 (1994), p. 4980-4993
983  download 37124 Article: The stability and steady-state kinetics of vanadium chloroperoxidase from the fungus Curvularia inaequalis.
J.W.P.M. van Schijndel, P. Barnett, J. Roelse, E.G.M. Vollenbroek, R. Wever in: European Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 225 (1994), p. 151-157
984   Chapter: Vanadium in Biology.
R. Wever in: Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry (1994), p. 4296-4304
985  download 35425 Article: The effect of sulfite on the ATP hydrolysis and synthesis activity of membrane-bound H+ ATP synthase from various species.
R. Bakels, H.S. van Walraven, J.E. Wielink, I. van der Zwet- de Graaff, G.E. Krenn, K. Krab, J.A. Berden, R. Kraayenhof in: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol. 201 (1994), p. 487-492
986   Chapter: Temporal self-organization and linear non equilibrium thermodynamics are not mutually exclusive in autocatalytic systems.
S. Cortassa, M.A. Aon, H.V. Westerhoff in: Biothermokinetics (1994), p. 197-205
987   Chapter: Tumor progression and catastrophe theory.
H. Daams, S. Cortassa, M.A. Aon, H.V. Westerhoff in: Modern trends in biothermokinetics. (1994), p. 159-166
988   Chapter: Mosaic Equilibrium Thermodynamics as a tool in the study of oxidative phosphorylation.
B.H. Groen, J.A. Berden, K. van Dam in: Modern trends in biothermokinetics. (1994), p. 23-26
989  download 33080 Article: Cooperative P-glycoprotein mediated daunorubicin transport into DNA-loaded plasma membrane vesicles.
M. Guiral, O. Viratelle, H.V. Westerhoff, J. Lankelma in: FEBS Letters, Vol. 346 (1994), p. 141-145
990  download 34023 Article: The aromatic nature of residue 66 of the 11-kDa subunit of ubiquinol-cythochrome c oxidoreductase of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is important for the assembly of a functional enzyme.
W. Hemrika, G. Lobo-Hadju, J.A. Berden, L.A. Grivell in: FEBS Letters, Vol. 344 (1994), p. 15-19